Cosplay horror stories

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Thats good to hear, im glad conventions are growing to help accommodate their younger demographic. It really depends on your personal preference for which con you go to. Think about your budget, and maybe look into the schedules to see if one has more interesting things to do.

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The staff found out, detained him, and told those who participated in the orgy to go to the nearest health clinic to make sure nothing bad happened. I have three horror stories from Anime Expo These three horror stories happened over the 2 days I was cosplaying Tewi Inaba from Touhou.

Keep reading. I have a friend who, for lack of better words, is pretty petite. Well, this happened a couple years ago, and she was cosplaying a character from a webcomic we liked at the time, and another friend of ours was cosplaying Lady Loki. The con had a panel I wanted to go to and a panel Chibi wanted to go to at the same time so we split up for the hour and a half our panels were going on and Lady Loki hung out in the dealers room. Once the panel was over, I went out into the hall and turned on my phone and I was greeted by these messages and about 5 missed calls.

I would advise against it personally. I understand it would be for cosplay but it could be triggering to some people around you, also its not a very public thing that should be out and about. If you send me the character I could give better advice on what you could do to be recognizable. Look at their Event. So seriously guys: Stop lighting your torches and stop sharpening your Pitchforks.

Actually Look into what the event is actually about. Get over it. Y'all just want something to complain about. I live with my grandparents. They are really cool and when i got into cosplay they helped me get my first costume. There was a convention about two hours away. I begged my grandparents to let me go. They agreed as long as my grandpa would come.

Dash i knew since elementary school and was my best friend. My grandpa agreed. Should I still compete and try and overcome that fear of bumping into him or should I save my skin and costume and drop out? Have a bad con experience? Wish to share it so others can learn from them? Then this is the place to do it : You may also ask about con etiquette if you are not sure exactly how to act or react.

I'll also give advice on con saftey and help you plan your March 251pm March 241pm One time I went time square dressed as Anna and had 5 people all come up to me and hug me tightly without permission Cosplay horror stories one of them even kissed me and said I love you like a fucking creep.

Now who were these people you might ask. They were all grown ass adult who are paid to be mascot and take pictures with people! What the fuck!? Them of all people should know not to do that shit. I hope I never see those creeps again! March 234pm March 231pm Its tempting to buy alot of stuff at a con. But rather quickly you'll wonder where all your money has gone! Cosplay horror stories 221pm Please don't go up to cosplayers speaking broken japanese and then proceed to insult someone for how they look.

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I had one woman come up to me said my cosplay was nice wasn't in cosplay btw I was in a yukata and then proceeds to tell me my teeth are fucked up what's wrong with them. I have a snaggle tooth. March 211pm Also I'm between two cons, one in cheep but I will need a hotel and the people are nice. March 201pm Got yelled at for "stealing a race" because of my make up Cosplay horror stories a shade darker brought the wrong one to con by accident and that I am the wrong color for her.

I'm Native American through and through. My skin is naturally this dark and darkens more if I'm in the sun. What was worse? It was my now ex friend who did this! Someone who knows that I am full Native American. Why is this a stigma now? March 191pm March 181pm March 171pm March 1712am March 61pm March 51pm During the late summer, a friend of mine jokingly ed me up for an event's costume contest and I won several passes to the aforementioned con. However one of the other applicants was so angry that he lost to me that he began harassing me online, spreading rumors of how I lied and cheated my way to 1st place and even began demanding that I give up my prize winnings to him.

I ed up for the Upcoming con's official costume contest March 41pm White washer!

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Both at the same time!

Cosplay horror stories

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Cosplayer Nightmares That Give Conventions An Awful Reputation