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Edit: Just saw this one too, these free firewood really grind my gears, especially this one. You should be paying someone to clean up your yard, or clean it up yourself. Free firewood is my favorite Come cut down my trees for me and haul it away It's all fun and games until someone cuts it down and drops the tree on their house and it won't be covered by insurance because you are a dumbass.

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Hey free toilet! Its great if you Hulked out and need to replace the sad and broken porcelain throne that is now in a hundred pieces on your bathroom floor.

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Or in a hundred pieces in an alley if you had to throw it off a rooftop in an attempt to save your brother from being killed by Russian mobsters. There's A leek on the john.

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My favorite part, the tree is covered in an inch of ice It would take months to dry that shit out anyway. At least the toilet second link "doesn't leek ". Found the internet!

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