Daddy ate my eyes

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Inside, they found little Angelo naked and bleeding. Police said the boy had numerous bites to his hands and his eyes were swollen shut. Doctors said the boy's left eye and muscle were completely missing. His other eye was mutilated beyond repair. The boy told them, "My daddy ate my eyes out. Daddy ate my eyes throws himself out of his chair and crawls into the backyard, where he finds an ax.

He strips down, chains himself to a tree, and starts hacking away at his leg with the ax. Not knowing what had just happened with the guy's kid, the neighbor jumps on him to wrestle away the ax. The guy tries to bite him for his trouble. Bakersfield Police said it looked like he was on PCP. Well no shit, he was on something.

But still, holy FUCK. His bail is a million dollars. Oh, and he's done this kind of thing before, apparently. He's had charges of mayhem and child abuse. What a fucking great guy. Full story here along with video no they don't show the. Yep, PCP. I remember a story about a girl on PCP who was convinced her teeth were trying to kill her - and pulled them all out with a pair of plyers. To what degree this father is 'responsible' for his actions is debatable but I'd say his dealer should also be liable.

Oh well. Life goes on. That is the stuff of nightmares. Get the fuck out with that. He's done this before, but yes, let's let him off again with counseling and talking about his feelings. He seemed okay in the interview. Just said if he'd known Daddy ate my eyes had just happened, he'd have let the guy chop his leg off. Personally I'd have probably just shot him. She shot and killed Melanie Spalla and wounded Nicholas Mensah. She also shot at other students before Brendon Malovrh found her and wrestled the rifle from her.

She tried to stab him with a knife, but stabbed herself in the leg. Once she was disarmed Malovrh did first aid and detained her until police arrived. While wanting to hurt or even kill a criminal after a terrible crime is understandable, the right thing to do is to let the rule of law run its course. It isn't always the most personally satisfying or perhaps even the most just way to handle things, but in the long run it is the best.

It would be nice if all citizens understood that, but in my opinion it is absolutely essential that all agents of the state charged with the enforcement of the law understand and follow it. What a monster. When I was a door guy at a bar years ago, a guy who turned out to be on PCP attacked the bartender once. That was an insane fight Later, he attacked the EMTs. Completely bat shit insane, and my ribs still hurt.

I swear that guy could have busted out of handcuffs if he would have thought to try. Can you show me where anyone actually argued for that? After that we can discuss what "psychosis" means.

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Because it is defined as a state where someone loses contact with reality, has hallucinations which his brain interprets as reality. Now tell me how someone who can't perceive reality is responsible for his acts in reality.

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And, because that clarification is probably needed, this doesn't mean that the fact that illegal drug use lead to the psychosis should be ignored, or that he should be released before it can be assured that no further psychosis with or without drugs can occur. Yeah, this guy was completely insane. Granted, the insanity's caused by PCP, and for that, this guy should end up in prison breaking big rocks into little rocks for a loooooooooong time. No - but it was implied. This guy has done something similar before. He has run out of excuses. They should gouge out his eyes and then lock him in a room with an axe and let him finish the job he started.

I don't give a fuck if he is mentally unbalanced or his daddy was cruel to him when he was. Sorry - if it hurts your feelings. At what point do you take responsibility for your actions? The minute you gouge out and eat your kids eyes. Some horrors don't justify compassion. I think this would be a good place to start.

He was capable of taking PCP. I am sure he knew of the dangers. There are very few people that don't know what the dangers of that drug are either. The real insanity is letting him stick around and do it again. Nastro In reference to having an experience with a guy on PCP. I was a bouncer at a bar in Orange County. We had a reputation as a very tough bar. I am 6'6 lbs. I boxed Golden Gloves Jr. I have even been a body guard. I have fought Drunk Marines,pissed off bikers, and nutjob cops taking out Daddy ate my eyes frustrations on me.

I have even dodged a guy driving a car through our wall. The guy was normal height, normal weight. He threw us around like we were 90 lbs dripping wet. After three bouncers two cops and myself we finally subdued him.

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The people that take and sell that drug should go to jail and never come out. Aw the Crystal Saloon Holy fuck, man. Somebody please link something light hearted and whimsical now? I would like to point out that the neighbor quoted in the article, Ramon Rodriguez, amusingly sounds like the most understated and low-key person imaginable. That doesn't sound like it is the case. Daddy ate my eyes summer I suspect PCP was responsible for the amusing incident in front of my house with the giant naked man Michael Clark Duncan, Green mile, giant man.

Every thing turned out OK but it was funny to see the small fat cop hopelessly hosing down this guy with pepper spray. It was like the hobbits fighting the rock troll scene out of lord of the rings. The dude was huge, at least he didn't seem to really notice them. That was pretty much it. Friends were trying to help, but just watched in horror. It was surreal, it was like this lb guy was the Hulk. Scary stuff, and as I said I still have aching reminders of that night. To win was still to lose, since there was no way anyone was coming out undamaged.

I kinda feel bad about it these days, but man she was tight. I don't understand why people would take that drug. It seems that it never ends well. It is a good argument for at least some drug illegality. The only PCP story I know comes from a friend of mine who is a deputy. They brought a guy in shackled with two deputies holding him and tossed him in a cell.

The dude started attacking the cell door and basically tore himself apart in the effort. There was an investigation because the guy was bloodied with broken bones and severe brain swelling. Fortunately, his psychotic, self destructive assault on the bars was all on camera. The damn panel still ruled that they may have been negligent and should have tried to subdue to prevent him from injuring himself. Um, no. What in the hell kind of high does PCP give that someone would seek that out?

This PCP sounds like good shit.

Daddy ate my eyes

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Dad Ate My Eyes, Boy Tells Cops