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Everyone else barely knows who he is. Every week, our panel of sports fans discusses a topic of the moment. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Back celebrating, that is. After four years of failure and not-quite-good-enough, NASCAR's most beloved driver lifted a trophy at Michigan International Speedway on last Sunday, snapping a race losing streak that predated Dale earnhardt jr gay Obama administration. Trackside reporting from ESPN. I didn't know any of this because nobody told me.

Until this week, I had never heard a single word, disparaging or otherwise, about Earnhardt Jr. Not even from other sportswriter friends. Which is strange. Strange because it's exactly the sort of too-crazy-to-be-true talking point that ought to escape sport-specific chatter and thrive in broader, more casual conversations. To put things another way: I'm not much of a golf fan, either. But I know all about Tiger Woods' inability to win a major tournament since his personal life imploded, enough to hold my own in a barstool argument.

It's impossible to be around sports—to be around televisions, really—and not have a passing familiarity with certain story lines, even if you don't actually care about them. If there's isn't a German word for this phenomenon, someone needs to coin one, and make "Kardashian" the root. But Junior?

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His long slog of losing sped—but not too fast—right past our cultural radar traps. Hampton, you're a fan. What does Earnhardt Jr. And if stock car racing's biggest star could go 0-fer for the equivalent of two Congressional terms without the rest of us noticing, what does that mean for the sport? LeBron needs a championship to prove he is among the best of his era. Earnhardt Jr. Comparisons to Tiger Woods are a bit more apt, as both stopped winning in But Tiger's game has been a virtual wreck along the way.

Junior has avoided wrecks—the real kind—quite well. He didn't win for a while. But, in a sport that rewards consistency over a week grind, he drove well enough for the "losing" to include two berths in NASCAR's postseason Chase for the Sprint Cup. Still, that doesn't explain how you, and all your purportedly sports-savvy friends didn't know about about the streak. Explaining that, or at least trying, would require a ridiculously broad generalization. Despite the risk of sounding like Burt Reynolds schooling Sally Field on Southern culture in Smokey and the Banditthat's a generalization I'm willing to make.

Blame college.

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Most working sportswriters and broadcasters have college degrees. That's simply because most media outlets prefer to hire people who have them. So all your sports media types, on- and off-air, learn their trades where stick-and-ball sports rule and racing is nonexistent. How many colleges have you ever seen, after all, with a speedway on campus? There are exceptions. Driver Ryan Newman graduated from Notre Dame. He's the new breed. Still, most who succeed in the sport do so because they spend their lives behind a steering wheel or under a chassis. Like Earnhardt Jr. He started by sweeping floors for Hendrick Motorsports at But let's be real.

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The sport is loud, gaudy, aggressively patriotic, overwhelmingly white, male, and Christian with working-class, rural Southern rootsand—oh, yeah—is built around adoration of the internal combustion engine. A certain class of urbanite snob will even use the phrase "NASCAR fan" as an insult meaning something along the lines of "stupid redneck," in the same way they might use "Wal-Mart shoppers" as a slang for "poor, overweight, and unfashionably dressed.

That's not a racing thing. Jake, my sense is that the cultural biases play a huge role in shaping how NASCAR gets covered, and so explaining Patrick's knowledge gap. Am I wrong? Or doesn't it seem like people slam the sport for reasons that have nothing to do with what happens on the track? Yes, culture bias plays a huge role in the under-coverage of NASCAR by all us uppity sports media types who had the nerve to get a college degree, or even a postgraduate one gasp!

Here's the short view on NASCAR from effete, equal-rights-for-all blue Staters like myself: It's an all-white, all-male sport in which a bunch of louts get drunk and watch fast cars race around in an oval for hours. But where are we wrong? People from the so-called blue states—including the vast majority of online sportswriters—don't have a problem with NASCAR's qualities.

They just don't see any reason to care very much about the sport and I use that term Dale earnhardt jr gay. It's insular, and insular is on the way out in the "we allow gay marriage" states. I'm a native New Yorker whose idea of heavy-duty car repairs is changing my oil or checking my tire pressure.

Of course I don't get motor sports. But instead of trying to make an inroad into the blue state sports fan base, NASCAR, its drivers and its fans generally sneer at me for being elitist and offer some version of "A Southern man don't need him around, anyhow. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword. In Subscribe. AP Images.

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Here's the thing: I like sports. A lot of what I do for a living involves writing about them. I've covered the OlympicsNBA halftime acts and professional foosball. Nevertheless, I'm stock-car illiterate. And I knew absolutely nothing about Junior's losing streak. Didn't know it began before the financial crisis. Didn't know it was the talk of auto racing.

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There will be Earnhardt fans so hung over on Monday that they probably won't get to work. Tuesday might be a day off, too. Related Story. The sport is loud, gaudy, aggressively patriotic, overwhelmingly white, male and Christian with working-class, rural Southern roots.

Dale earnhardt jr gay

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