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Whats your favorite Fallout New Vegas race mod?

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My favourite only: 1. Miranda Lawson Race Mod by Isquall 2. Female Shepard Race Mod by Isquall 3. Jack ME3 Race Mod i forgot it's author.

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I don't usually pay much attention to my character's appearance other than mods like FCO and NVR being I always wear helmets, but I do like Drag's races a lot, from all his mods. The race mods from dragbody's mods is another i use when i feel like being saucy.

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Gap tbh i'm kinda dissapointed in fallout new vegas race mods, they're all good looking humans, or female exclusive, i like the t race mod to a degree, but it'd be nice to have a cyborg mod for male and females instead of female only, there's ST robot race but that's flawed in the fact the body doesn't have a head the head is a piece of apparel you need to equip, anyone know any goods male ones that ain't human, been thinking of trying Geonox's Alien race mod at some point.

I couldn't name a favourite: the already mentioned mods by Isquall - Liara, Femshep, Jack and Miranda - are equally awesome as is the Daughter of Ares mod. Regarding those Mass Effect mods: Does anyone has that problem that they, except for Miranda, don't blink?

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