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As the series progressed, the creators found new and better ways to bond their distinct sense of humor without losing the scope and stakes of the anime's action. Some of the changes they made to the original storyline even ended up being more than just jokes -- adding genuine depth to the story. Here are some of the most ificant changes Dragon Ball Abridged made to its source material to make the characters in Dragon Ball all the more engaging. Do you have proven online publishing experience? and our team!

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In the original Dragon Ball franchise, there are plenty of vibrant, memorable characters. However, there are also a fair share of one-note bit players who have very limited, minor roles. Because of this, they are more defined by their position in the story than any semblance of genuine personality.

The comedy-minded Dragon Ball Abridged used that opportunity to craft new characters out of this space. This helps them stand out despite their minor roles in the overall story and even transformed three minor players into fan-favorite characters. In the original source material, Mr. Popo was nothing more than an assistant to the Guardian of Earth. Beyond his appreciation for nature, there wasn't much else to the personality of the character.

Dragon Ball Abridged gave him a comically over-the-top sense of sadism and debauchery that generated some surprising laughs in contrast to his original role.

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As the show progressed, his disregard for the world became one of the adaptations best running gags. Once the series reached Namek, a similar evolution was given to the Namek Elder Guru, who was a short-lived character in the original series who didn't have much unique personality beyond his role in powering the Dragon Balls. His new snarky and mean-spirited nature generated a consistently dark sense of humor and quotable lines. The most surprising and hilarious development, though, came with the new version of Nappa.

Initially just Vegeta's lieutenant and fellow evil invader in the Saiyan Saga, the new version of Nappa was transformed into a bumbling, happy-go-lucky but incredibly destructive manchild. It turned the unrepentant killing machine into an oddly charming villain.

This version of the character even ended up fueling and developing a lot of the anger and frustrations inside Vegeta, helping improve the antihero as well.

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This version of Nappa was so popular that TeamFourStar even ended up breaking away from canon and reviving him at the conclusion of the Frieza Saga for future cameo appearances. During the original Android Saga, Krillin falls for the powerful and villainous Android This is all based on her appearance and goes on to motivates him through the arc.

When Cell was defeated and Krillin wishes that the bomb inside her was removed, Android 18 gives Krillin an acknowledgment and departs. By the Dbz abridged 18 the series d in the Buu Saga, the pair had begun a relationship and even had a daughter, Maron. The Androids as a whole were given lots more character across Dragon Ball Abridgedletting their personalities play out in more defined roles than just being the nominal villains of the arc.

Notably, Android 18 was given a genuine attraction to Krillin that developed over the course of the Cell Saga. By the time she was absorbed, she'd openly admitted to herself that if she were to survive the encounter with Cell that she'd look forward to hooking up with him. This set up their romance as a mutual attraction that came about not just because of appearance but also personality. Their flirty nature became a more consistent element of their interactions and makes their eventual first night together at the very end of the show more rewarding than it was in the original series.

It transforms the pair into an affecting and funny romance that plays out across an entire arc instead of just coming together at the end as an afterthought.

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Android 18 isn't the only Android who received major development in the new series. Android 16 was also fleshed out, representing the best changes that TeamFourStar made to the original Dragon Ball franchise.

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To give the nature-loving robotic figure more personality and to fit within the context of the comedic tone of the web-series, Android 16's simple-minded nature was amplified for laughs. But his innocence was also played up, making his friendship with the Androids -- and eventually Krillin -- all the more potent. This newfound empathy even played a role in his final speech to Gohan, tweaking the content of his conversation with the young hero to make it more connected to the rest of the characters. As the creators behind Dragon Ball Abridged continued to hone their skills while making the web series, they even began to tweak and add little pieces of animation to fix minor problems in the source material.

This gave characters more interpersonal animation and variety, allowing characters to bounce off each other in more dialogue-driven beats -- both for comedy and drama. But the most impressive addition to the series came with a fully animated scene added to Android 16's backstory. As Bulma and her father Dbz abridged 18 on the unconscious Android 16, they discover a video file taken of the inspiration for Android 16, Dr.

Gero's son. He was only ever hinted at in the backstory to the original series, but this new clip reveals he was actually one of the people killed by Goku when he was in his youth and fighting the Red Ribbon Army. This brings a new level of pathos to the series for the first time, making the audience consider the loss of life that's occurred because people got in the way of our heroes.

It also gives Dr. Gero a serious character reason to devote himself to standing against Goku and his allies.

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It's a strong change and the kind of inspiration that only ever appears in loving adaptations of different stories. In coming up with a new ending for Android 16, depicting him as having made it to a happy afterlife following the conclusion of the series, the Dragon Ball Abridged team provided the series with a touching, out-of-canon epilogue.

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Dbz abridged 18

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