Denise milani bent over

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Judging by the distance, I figured they would pass in about 2 minutes. After about 5 minutes the car had still not passed me so I looked behind me to see that they were pacing me. When I stopped the car moved up to make me even with the back window, and they rolled down the window. When the window rolled down I bent down to see who I was going to be speaking with and I was met with two of the largest breasts that I had ever laid my eyes on.

I stared for a moment, then I came to my senses and looked up and locked eyes with the gorgeous brown eyes of Denise Milani. She smiled at me and said. You have been my go-to girl since the mids! I have jacked off to you daily for years! I have dreamed of fucking you for years! How did you find out about me? Honestly, I came to that picture 3 times that day!

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I have cum to you each day since then at least once! That was always my goal, to make people smile and cum. Hearing that makes me happy. So thank you for sharing that with me. We chatted for a few minutes and then the car stopped. I got out of the car and we were in front of a house, and Denise motioned for me to follow her up to the house. I followed her and she led me into a gorgeous house, it was a very large house, with beautiful furniture and decorations.

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Denise led me to a room with a couch and some chairs and a large TV. She told me to sit down and she said that she would bring something to drink and to eat. When she returned she sat down on the couch next to me, her voluptuous breasts bouncing as she sat. I tried my best not to stare as her deep cleavage was bared to me as she bent over to pass me a drink. I have a proposition for you, if you choose to accept. Would you like to hear it? The challenge is this; I have every video that I have ever done when I was doing my modeling and I will choose one video for you to watch and you are going to jack off to that video.

But, you cannot cum. If you cum, then you lose.

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The video will be at least 5 minutes long, if not longer. You can cum when the credits begin, but if you cum before that, then you lose. You have to be jacking off the entire time, you cannot stop. I have lube and lotion for you to use and I will provide a towel for you to either wipe yourself if your cock gets too slippery, or if you cum.

The only time you can stop is to wipe yourself if your cock is too slippery to keep going. I will be egging you on the entire time, I can get right up in your face, but I cannot touch you. If I touch you, I will immediately suck you off. I will fuck you if you win and you can pick 3 thing that we will for sure do. For example, if you have always dreamed of titty-fucking me until you cum and then you cum on my titswe can do that as one of your 3 things.

I choose how long we will fuck, and it will be at least 1 day, if not longer. Also, if you win, then you reserve the right to ask me once more for a period of fucking at your time of choosing. After that, you must complete the challenge again in order to fuck me. Is that clear? Are there any questions? I removed my pants, and Denise turned on the TV and began searching through her video files, and I impatiently waited for her to pick the video. I was going through my head what videos of hers were longer than 5 minutes and if I could last throughout the entire video.

As I was thinking, I knew there were a couple that I could probably last the entire time, which of course was my goal, I wanted to fuck her, and I wanted to fuck Denise milani bent over hard…. Denise found the video and queued it up and then left the room to get the lube and towel. Moments later she returned and she bent over me, revealing her deep cleavage causing my cock to begin to grow.

My cock was fully erect when she said that. She stared into my eyes for a moment and then turned away, causing her massive breasts to jiggle, causing my cock to throb with delight. Denise pressed play on the video, revealing a video that I was familiar with, as I had cum to it many, many times.

Do not stop or you are done. As I stroked, Denise began to dance a little to the music, she slowly began to take off her shirt… I stared, her bra was a pretty black lace bra, and had a very deep plunge in it to perfect her goddess-like cleavage.

I felt my cock throbbing in my slowly stroking hand, and without realizing it, I sped up my stroking. Once I realized that I was feeling a little too good, I began to slow my stroking and continued to watch the video…. I looked at the timestamp Denise milani bent over realized that I had about 4 and a half minutes to go… I could do this… I hoped.

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Denise stepped a little bit closer to me and she bent over me, close enough to touch me, but not touching me at all… my hand instinctively went to grab her massive breast, but I stopped myself, promising to grab it later if I won.

Stroke like you mean it! I obediently followed her instructions, I had about 2 minutes to go at this time. I could feel my cock throbbing, I wanted to cum so very badly, I could feel the precum sliding down my cock in ribbons.

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I was vigorously stroking my this time and I was feeling almost too good, I almost came, but I got a second wind when I saw the time, 30 seconds to go… I kept stroking, my cock was throbbing, 20 seconds…. You won. She began to rub her hands across my legs, and then she took my cock in her and began to slowly stroke. I wanted to enjoy this moment, so I did, and Denise added a little more lube and then she brought her massive tits up near my cock and put my cock in between them and began to tit-fuck my cock… I knew that I was going to cum, Denise could see it in my eyes, and then with one final stroke between her massive, perfect tits, I came, I came all over those tits and even a little got on her lip.

She stood up, grabbed the towel and wiped herself off. How was that for a good jack off? Erotic Stories. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. July 30 I was in Southern California when this happened. I was on a vacation with no particular plan in mind, except to just get away from it all. I was riding my longboard down a long and deserted neighborhood street when this all began. As Denise milani bent over rode my board, I would constantly look behind me to make sure that there were no cars coming my direction as my back was to the road.

For about 10 minutes, it was just me on the road, and then when I looked back, I saw a black car approaching me so I moved to the side of the road to let them pass. I will take you there. Think fast…be polite and not too vulgar…. Erotic Stories Check my temperature 19F. Erotic Stories Hotel Room Window.

Denise milani bent over

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