Devil stick tutorial

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In this trick you spin the devilstick continuously around one hand stick like the propeller of an airplane. At this point lift your handstick off the devilstick then pull it out away from the central waistband.

Throughout this move the devilstick does one complete turn. Don't place the handstick too far below the waistband or push too hard otherwise the devilstick will spin round too fast for you to control. Practise this move on both sides. Once you are comfortable with pushing the devilstick round once it is time to start working on more spins. Instead of taking the handstick out again though keep it close to the centre of the devilstick. Draw a little half circle with the tip of the handstick in the same direction as the spin of the devilstick.

Beware of the second method if you are indoors though. Only focus your gaze on the centre Devil stick tutorial the devilstick, in this trick the devilstick can be spinning pretty fast, so much so that the ends of the devilstick may end up moving faster than the eye can focus on.

Learn to control the speed of the propeller.

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Placing the handstick further down below the waistband will speed it up, placing it closer to or above the waistband will slow it down. On hearing this all competitors have to start spinning their propeller the other way on the same handstick. The only change is how you enter the trick. From single sticking make a catch as normal but make the throw with a little more force than usual.

Follow the top of the devilstick with the handstick.

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Let the devilstick turn over for half a spin so that the top half ends up on the bottom then place the handstick under the waistband on the inside of the devilstick. Learn the propeller with both hands both ways.

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