Do gingers have red pubic hair

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Genuine question, I'm South Asian and have never been intimate with a redheaded person. Body hair varies, so yes sometimes. I, for instance, have red pubes and beard, but dark brown, almost black chest hair, and armpit is a lighter shade of red. A real life redhead here!

I can tell you that ALL of my hair is red. Head, eyelashes, pits, pubes Pro tip: I've found that most of the time, people's pubes are the same color as their eyebrows. Of course there will be outliers, but most of the time it works.

I wish I had an exciting hair colour to compare my eyebrows and pubes to check this. Yes, at least some of them in my experience. I briefly dated a hippy redhead, she had red pubes, armpit hair, and body hair.

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I'm half Irish and half Greek. I have brown hair, a bright red beard, black chest hair, black leg hair, and my pubes are blond. It's a mess. Isn't that what happens when you scratch your balls after using Dencorub? As a matter of fact, my own hair was bright red as a kid, but it grew darker as I got older, then it turned gray, then white. I'm 69 years old now. My body hair retained its redness long after the hair on my head had changed.

The hair on my arms is still kind of reddish. Not all red is the same though, and I think it correlates with eye color. I have brown eyes, and I think redhe with blue or green eyes tend to retain the brightness of their red hair longer than those with brown eyes. That's interesting. My hair was also bright red and has gotten darker as I aged too. I'm 36 now. I wonder if I have white hair to look forward to myself. That'll be pretty cool.

My eyes are kinda hazely. Red headed family member who is older than me confirmed that not only head-hair grows blonde as they age Medium Red head, dark red beard, light red arm hair, medium red pubes, light red arm pit hair. I used to have white eyebrows, but they're super light red now.

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Yes they are red all the way through. Some people say that redhe are keepers of an ancient wisdom pertaining to a shadow world that normal people can't see because we're too insensitive to the sun. Found the internet! Do redhe have red armpit and pubic hair? Posted by 5 years ago.

Sort by: top suggested. You sound Continue this thread. Came here to say this too. Curtains match the carpet. Red haired lady. My eyebrows, lashes, leg, and arm hair are blonde.

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The other places are very red. Have you heard the term fire crotch? I'm dark brown all over, I hope that helps. Yes, going down on a red headed woman was wonderful. More posts from the answers community. Reference questions answered here. Questions must have a definitive answer. Created Jul 23, Top posts november 4th Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top.

Do gingers have red pubic hair

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Do redhe have red armpit and pubic hair?