Dressing my brother as a girl

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First thing: I am using a throw away because he knows my username. He's decently new to reddit recruited another one! If you have and you're reading this, I love you. So so so much. Also, I am sorry this is so long I just kinda need to get this out since I haven't had the chance to talk about it yet. I go to my state's big Univeristy and live about two hours from family.

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Some times my parents make a trip down to visit but last Thursday my little brother came with them. He's five years younger than me 17 and is starting to look at colleges so he came for a tour. Friday after his second tour, my parents dropped him off at my place while they went out to visit some old friends who lived in the area. I left for afternoon classes and told him to watch Netflix or beat up some dragons in Skyrim until I got home. I had no roommates, so it was his to play with. The plan was I would get back and grab him to go meet our parents for dinner.

I've always had a good relationship with him. I've always trusted him and took care of him when Mom and Dad weren't doing so hot. I've always trusted him completely, I've had no reason to not. He's never been a masculine boy, but he's definitely never been feminine either other than his lonhairdo sassy. That's why when I got home, I almost thought I was in the wrong apartment when I saw a girl in my living room. Then I looked more That was my brother!

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In my clothes! With makeup on! He definitely didn't expect me home, one class was cancelled and I skipped my 4pm class. I went from pissed "Who the fuck is in my house?! And I would have too if he didn't start crying. I've not seen him cry since he was 8 years old. I sat on the couch and held him.

I told him while he was crying that I wasn't mad, that he just needed to ask, and to get his own underwear. Which got him to talk finally, if only to say he had his own on. He had his own panties. His own panties. He made me promise up and down that I wouldn't tell mom and I won't. I don't care what he wears at all. I'm surprised as all hell, but ultimately I don't care. I have a few gay friends that do drag, it's whatever. But our parents would flip a shit of monster proportions. I cleaned up his makeup and got him to talk to me more. I found out that he learned how to do makeup via YouTube and started his own collection hidden under his mattress.

He said he only had one outfit of girl's clothes. I asked him if he liked the clothes he had on. Since he did I told him to keep them. He seriously did look really cute in them and they were just going to Goodwill Dressing my brother as a girl. I kept conversation light. I figured if I dragged up too much his mascara would run again. After an hour or so he was relaxing and we played some Mario Party. He was Just kind of different. A bit more open. No where near as turse. He held himself differently.

It was kind of surreal because he was the same person but acted so different.

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When I asked how much he's done this, he said a lot. And I could tell. He seemed to be comfortable. Eventually I had him remove his makeup, shower, and change back for dinner. He was back to being the quiet, reserved little dude that I have always known. While it was strange to see him in girl clothes, at least he smiled.

That's how he stayed until they left today.

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Neither of us said anything and now that I am not walking on eggshells, I've started to process this. Is my brother gay? Is it possible he was molested or something? I'll fucking cut a bitch He's never shown an interest in girls. In fact, he seemed to actively avoid them. I mean, I would just chalk it up to him being a twerp if he didn't start crying. Or, at the most, a dude who liked to hang out in cute things. But the way he cried and how much he cried I really want to talk to him to figure out what's going through his head but I figured I would kinda feel out others.

Have any of you had to deal with this kind of stuff? This is all still pretty new to me despite being slightly exposed to it. I'm just really worried about him. Thank you everyone for the kind and wonderful responses.

I'll be talking with him this evening and just giving him a chance to open up. I won't force it. If he doesn't want to talk, I'll just let him know I love him and that this is a safe place. He has visited my place on weekends before and I'll offer it to him anytime I am free And even more if he just wants to hang out in girls clothes and doesn't need my attention the whole time. Living alone rocks.

I'll update some time. Thank you everyone for the responses, if I had time I would respond to each of you For now, I Dressing my brother as a girl get to work! So, your little brother sounds like me when I was a teenager. I really wish I had a sister like you. One that I was close with. I am sure he appreciates you so much for what you did.

It would have probably caused me to come out earlier honestly. See, while I grew up as a boy I now live full time as a woman. Everyone refers to me as Emily, I wear women's clothing, I take hormones to feminize my body, and eventually I'll have surgery to, um, "install" a vagina.

And that vagina will be able to pass through an obgyn with out suspicion. I live everyday as a woman with very few people noticing any different. To most people, they assume I grew up a little girl and spent my teen years as a girl. It's possible to live a very good, fulfilling, strong life as a transgender person but support is key. And I am not talking about my bra. You sound wonderfully accepting and willing to learn. Your parents don't. If your brother does happen to be trans, he will need every ounce of support he can get.

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It's seriously important and you could be his savior in ways. Message me if you have any concerns. If your little brother would rather be your little sister then there is quite the journey ahead. And it can be a wonderfully beautiful journey if those around her at that point, yeah, "her" let it be.

If he's not trans and not seeking transition, support him regardless. What I am saying though is that this is a textbook case based off of your story. PS: If you press for info, try to keep it tactful and if he's not budging, don't force the issue. H might not even know himself yet. Thank you for that. My head is spinning like crazy from all of this But no matter what, as long as he isn't being a bad person, he will always have a roof with me. I'm also trans and can confirm OP's sibling sounds a lot like me when I came out to my sister.

My father didn't wear makeup, but at home he wore women's underwear, stockings, even a silk nightgown. There was nothing that had gone wrong or the like, he was just You're right about assumptions. I just want him to know I love and support him no matter what. It's just so Suspicious because he's never been one to let judgements bother him.

Dressing my brother as a girl

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