Erection during physical exam

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I am a female, but am at the doctor's office and can hear an old man in the next room getting a physical from a beautiful young doctor, and it made me wonder if that kind of thing happens There was that time the doctor asked me to turn my head and cough and I gently put my hand on the back of his head. Once when I was younger. I was about 15 so, even a slight breeze got it up. But, when I had my final exam before discharge from the army. The doctor was doing the whole turn your head and cough bit. He was handling the twins so gently that I began giggling, because I'm ticklish down there.

The rest of the exam was a little awkward. Ive been lucky enough to never have this happen. It always got too scared and shrunk way up. Embarrassing to a different degree. That happened to me once too. It was the coldest day of year which made it a lot worse, if that's possible.

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Sure, but I like the idea of having my cock waving in the face of a beautiful, young medical professional while she's trying to do her job. If she comments, which she probably won't, you just shrug and say, "He's got a mind of his own". I had to get a physical examination for Airforce cadets when i was younger 16 ish i think, and i had a young Female doctor do the examination. I was so stressed that i would get an erection, that i think no matter what she did I wouldn't have been able to get one.

I used to be a pretty modest guy - and ever since puberty I've had unwanted erections. I'm 40 now, and I'm a bit tired of it. Hell, I'd even take the occasional bit of erectile dysfunction if it meant not sometimes having to wait a few minutes before I can walk somewhere without a bulge in my pants. However, I can honestly say that having my testicles checked for cancer is not in the least bit arousing, and despite my tendency to get stiff for pretty much anything I stay flaccid during medical exams.

Why are dental hygenists always so cute? The only time I've ever had an examination that involved my pants I thought "don'tgetabonerdon'tgetabonerdon'tgetabonerdon'tgetabonerdon'tgetabonerdon'tgetaboner". I didn't, my doctor is a 50 something male so that probably helped. I'm 24, female, and a nurse- also worked as a nursing assistant before becoming an RN so my job then was almost exclusively bathing people and helping them get cleaned up after using the bathroom in the hospital.

I've seen lots of accidental erections in young and old men. I think no matter how many times it happened, I'd still blush every time. Not yet. Despite what pornos say, it's kinda embarrassing to be Erection during physical exam to a beautiful young woman. Doctor or otherwise. But most doctors understand, via medical training, that erection does not mean physical arousal, necessarily.

Sometimes a medical procedure can produce ejaculation, but in the same manner, they don't see that as sexual.

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I don't think I'd be able to go back to that doctor again. Having been in and out of hospital a LOT when I was younger, yeah I've popped a bone in a doctors face a few times. Having known quite a few doctors now, I can assure you of several things:. The worst one was during a sonogram. They were checking for DVT in my legs and she rubbed this Erection during physical exam slippery gel all up and down leg and inner thigh. Then proceeded to slide this puck like thing all up and down my leg and inner thigh There was no avoiding that one.

It started about 30 seconds into it and just raged the whole time she was doing the test maybe min. Even after i was over it took a few minutes to get back to normal But she was cool, nice and professional, it didn't seem to bother her at all. I imagine she was used to it, it has to happen all the time given what it felt like.

Was getting a physical before football season my senior year of highschool Now, I have a couple fantasies, both being ordered around by a woman, and also slutty nurse situation Anyway when she cupped my balls and had me do the cough thing; BAM. I was instantly rock hard.

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She giggled and said, "Well now we know that works just fine, your GF is very lucky You can put your pants back on now. I got a massage from a smoking hot girl at a professional place for my bday once, that was my fear. Nothing happened though. I don't think girls appreciate how true that is Yup, it was a female doc doing a check up I was like, oh well That day I learned I have enough blood to blush, have an erection, and think about a billion things, while answering at anything she asked Found the internet!

Men, have you ever gotten an erection during a medical examination? Posted by Female. Sort by: best. Doctors don't care or won't say anything.

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EDIT: Yes, it's really embarrassing. I'm sorta glad I don't have a penis.

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Continue this thread. Sometimes a medical procedure can produce ejaculation I don't think I'd be able to go back to that doctor again. Having known quite a few doctors now, I can assure you of several things: yes, young straight female doctors still like seeing a nice big cock yes, they know it's because of them and yes, they will tell all their colleagues it happened. Male More posts from the AskMen community.

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Erection during physical exam

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Embarrassing erections during physical exam?