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The season finale of Degrassi definitely brought the drama I expect after years of Degrassi. When the storm cleared we were left with new relationships going into the next season. I have quickly boarded the Triles ship, which gained speed with that finale. Each day I find a new reason to love this pairing so I wanted to list my top 5 reasons for you.

The show has had bisexual characters before, but so far no characters that identifies as a bisexual male. It would be great to see Miles identifying as something else on the spectrum or choosing to not be labeled at all. I know many guys who dated many girls before realizing they liked guys. Tristan and Miles definitely did not come out of nowhere.

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I did not know Triles was coming, but when it got here I looked back and saw all the framework that the writers put down for this. Tristan went from having a crush on Miles in the beginning of the season to becoming friends with him. Then the circumstances of their lives pushed them together.

They each had their own stories separate from each other. I really felt that was the case for Zane with Riley even though I loved the pairing. It makes sense for Tristan and Miles to lean on each other with where their lives have taken them. Miles and Maya were Toxic.

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Not the Britney Spears kind. I never thought that made the way Maya treated him acceptable. She never took the time to try to understand him and instead would just point out what he was doing wrong. She seems to just want to force her ideas of what is right on everyone around her. I definitely think Miles messed up a lot in that relationship, but Maya was Eric osborne gay him from the start. Especially when it came to his relationship with his father. Then Miles became to dependent on her and his desperation showed in their recent breakup with how he grabbed her.

This told me that they should probably stay broken up for a while at least. I also just want Maya to get time to figure herself out without being attached to another guy. This break is good for both people involved. The Mr. Yates plot line happened and I literally cold not watch Tristan getting used and thinking that it was love.

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My sister and I turned off the television and just walked away. Tristan needs a relationship where the other person wants him in the same way that he wants them. I feel like he has gotten the worse luck with this in the show.

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He is so delusional when it comes to how a relationship should go and what love is so far. In Thunderstruck Miles did a lot of the initiating of romantic interaction and that shows me that he wants Tristan. Tristan needs to get past the Yates situation and Miles would be a great person to help him do it.

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It sucks, but he still had Tristan in Thunderstruck. Tristan walks away from Maya for telling about his fling with Mr. Zoe ditches Tristan for Zig. Tristan and Miles were there for each other when it mattered. I just want them to stay as close as they are at the end of Thunderstruck. They genuinely care for each other and I would love to see that develop into something more. After Miles reveals how he feels for Tristan he asks so what now?

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Triles fans have the same question. I wish all the fans good luck while we eagerly wait for more Tristan and Miles in the upcoming season starting October 8th. Standard Posted by ChrisVigilante. Posted on August 8, Posted under Entertainment.

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Comments 5 Comments. Character and Story Development. Tristan Deserves Something Real. The Friendship. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

Eric osborne gay

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