Fallout 4 curie new body

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How to unlock: You must improve your relations with Curiespeak with her and agree to help her. Once you unlock Curie as a companion, start traveling with her and perform actions that she will approve on. After a while Curie should speak to you. You must hear her telling you that she wants to obtain a human form. Offer her help in finding a specialist that will be able to realize her plan. You must take Curie to doctor Amari which you visited during the Dangerous Minds main story quest.

She can be found in the basement of the Memory Den in the Goodneighbor location. Listen to the conversation during which you will learn that the procedure is possible and that the caretaker of dead synths will help in it. Doctor Amari will tell you that she needs at least one full day to make a contact with the caretaker and prepare the procedure. Fallout 4 curie new body you don't want to go back to this quest later in the game, use the bed to speed up the time. Select a bed which doesn't belong to anyone else or rent a room, for example in the Rexford hotel.

Once you return to doctor Amari's office, talk to the Caretaker. You don't need to complete any additional actions, only observe the procedure during which Curie's conscience will be transferred from the robot to the body of a dead synth. Talk to your "new" companion - you can agree for her to travel with your hero or dismiss her.

Quest rewards: Experience points, Curie has a new look later in the game you can start a romance with her. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

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Release Dates. Fallout 4 Guide. Institute faction quests. Minor quests. Emergent Behavior. Table of Contents. Agree on helping Curie in finding the holotapes.

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Ask doctor Amari for help. Watch the procedure. Fallout 4 Guide Mods for Fallout 4. Introduction Mods installation step by step. Before you start How to install the modifications? The best mods. Strategy Guide. Introduction Controls. Basic Information. Starting tips S. Equipment and Pip-Boy Interactions with other characters Hacking Lockpicking Sneaking up and pickpocketing Companions List of companions World exploration Location types in the game world Factions and smaller groups.

Suggested starting builds. Combat techniques What is V. Boosters and addictions. Weapons and Upgrades. Unique weapons. Melee weapons Guns - light Guns - heavy Energy weapons. FAQ - Frequently asked questions. How to get Dogmeat? How to return to Vault ? How to unlock Cryolator early in the game?

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How to gather large s of bottlecaps? How to quickly obtain experience levels? How to protect yourself from high radiation? Power Armor. Creating settlements. Location of settlements Settlement management Crafting - basics Advanced crafting Crafting - resources table. How to get all achievements in a single run? How to get the Benevolent Leader?

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Introduction Maps. Main story. Minutemen faction quests. Major quests.

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Brotherhood of Steel faction quests. Major Quests. Railroad faction quests. Side quests. Vault Diamond City. Cabot House. Bunker Hill. Other locations. World Atlas. Introduction World map - sectors World map - enemy levels Sectors Maps. Sanctuary - Sector 1.

Malden - Sector 2. Salem - Sector 3. Fort Hagen - Sector 4. Cambridge - Sector 5. Center of Boston - Sector 6. The Castle - Sector 7. The Glowing Sea - Sector 8.

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Southern Boston - Sector 9. Introduction All Bobblehe. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .

Fallout 4 curie new body

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