Fallout 4 feet mod

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It includes some dirt textures for feet and some colorizations to hands and feet, as a certain natural flavour to these parts of female skin. File information Last updated 18 January PM. Original 14 January AM. ed by epsadin. Virus scan Safe to use. Credits and distribution permission Other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Author notes This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points.

Both Manual and Fomod versions, with a slightly different, but hopefully better installation structure.

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You can find them in the Main Files section. Therefore, I'm reing the newer version of the mod here on this profile. The redness on the feet is a bit different than in the mod, hopefully better. I also added an alternative set of dirt textures for the feet, which makes them more filthy, covered with stains and dirt marks.

Textures on the hands are pretty much the same as in the older mod. What exactly did I do?

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I just put some additional textures with dirt on the soles, pink skin parts on both hands and feet and dark nails on top of the original CBBE textures and exported as. I kept the original CBBE resolution of both files: x px. I always felt that these parts are too shiny, as if they were always wet, which made no sense to me. If you don't want this addition, just skip folder 12 in the Manual version or "Optional" step in the Fomod version.

Just as before, I made a subfolder structure inside my package with appropriate names, so it's probably quite easy to find your way around.

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Please choose only one option for the dirt textures - so as the names below suggest, it's either "dirty soles" or "filthy feet". Available options in this new package in separate folders : Dirty Soles 01a.

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Filthy Feet Feet - Pink Skin Dark Toenails Hands Fallout 4 feet mod Pink Skin Dark Fingernails Specular Maps - Optional It's pretty much possible to mix the options, if you want, however some of them probably might look a bit weird together. The best choice would be to combine pink skin on the feet with pink skin on the hands, dark toenails with dark fingernails and so on.

In the image gallery there are in-game screenshots with a posing mod to show some of the options on my character. These additions look best on bright skinned characters. This is just an information about where exactly my four. Download my. OR MOD MANAGER Fomod version : Activate with the mod manager and go through the installation process - you will have the same options to choose from as with the manual version for both hands and feet without folders 11 and 11a, because these seemed pointless to me to include in the FOMOD version.

Overwrite any files when asked. My mod just replaces four. The messed up textures or black shoulder spot on the body are often reported to be caused by CBBE itself conflicting with some game outfits. First thing to try would be deleting my textures and reinstalling CBBE. Thank you for the amazing mods!

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