Female chest flex

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I can do it too!!! I thought I was weird whe I asked my mom she was like wtf and I wear a DD so it's noticeable ughhhh sometimes I'm like I'm a freak but now I feel like superwoman! I'll be honest that would drive me crazy. Your boyfriend is lucky. I'm hoping soon I could have a gf Think what you want, all I ask is don't write me off just yet. And yes I just used a line from a movie. It did peak my interest, but I believe that Female chest flex are ot objects. There is more to a women the physical looks axnd abilities to move body parts.

Because I'm not one for the bar scene, and the only girls that I want to hit on have boyfriends. Wow dude, you expect her to be nice to you after you tried hitting on her and objectifying her like a Female chest flex The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!

Sexual Health. Share Facebook. I can flex my boobs, can most girls do this or is this just me? Add Opinion. Lol yah I can ha ha my boyfriend will flex his while we're hugging and one time instead of hiding it like normal I did it back hahaha it completely caught him off guard. Haha he was like "oh my God I'm so glad you're my girlfriend" it was funny. I don't know why he liked it so much. Xper 5. I can do that too! High five! Haha I thought it was weird too, it's not exactly your normal party trick ha ha and you can actually tell I'm doing it cause I only have b's.

CartoonHero Xper 5. Underneath your breast tissue, you have pectoral muscles too. If they are strong enough then when you contract them your breast will move. That's just damn sexy Show All Show Less. Maybe soon you could have a bf Thats okay, I understand. Can we still talk though? Kinda harsh, least you could do is be nice about it. Well no matter, have a great day. And I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable.

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Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I am so glad that other people can do this. I thought I was weird but I just came across a video with a girl doing that. Not exactly a normal party trick! Related myTakes. Show All. Prominent Features: Ugly or Beautiful?

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Female chest flex

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