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So as a response to futurefarmersamerica suggestion, I made a feedism edit of that one color ask game! I might be missing some stuff but I think it'll still be fun. Feel free to share and have fun hehe. On one side I enjoy how these types of foods make me so lethargic and on the other hand I like how heavy they feel inside my stuffed Ffa bhm tumblr. When it comes to encouragers do you prefer: forceful, pushy, teasing, handsy, romantic, submissive, good cook? Depends on my mood. I want someone that will tease me for becoming such a fatass.

Encouraging me to eat one more bite as they slap my ass and convincing me to eat an ice cream Sunday after as they kiss me and touch me all over my body. And once we get to the bed they tie me up and funnel feed me, weight gainer. This is amazing! Ask away! I'm always saying this. This is so fucking hot! Someone put me in some lingerie. What is your current weight? Recently Liked. Mood right now: Just come here big boy and lay your body on me as your fat smothers me. Just bring your fat ass here and do it, squish me.

Ffa bhm tumblr

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FFA / Female Feeder — Ruining your waistline part 2 😈😘