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Forgot your password? As such, you will find yourself tasting chocolates or crafting bracelets during the event. Most characters will be able to participate, as the daily quests have no level requirement.

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However, full completion in requires level The event itself takes place mostly in or around capital cities of both factions. Many rewards can be earned: mounts, blue quality gear, pets, achievements, a title, and vanity items. InLevel 50 is required to get the Big Love Rocket mount. The loot amulets obtained from the Crown Chemical Co. During the Love is in the Air event, you will mostly be doing daily quests and fighting the boss of the event. Doing so will earn you coins that you will use to buy rewards.

There is also a short introductory quest line that you will want to do.

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All the parts of the event are open to players above level 5 some parts are even available to level 1 characters. Players below Level 50 cannot obtain the Big Love Rocket mount from the daily dungeon. Love is in the Air is a 2-week event. This year, it will start on February the 2nd and finish on February the 16th. While it is possible to earn all the rewards by diligently doing the daily quests every day, you can also farm the coins needed to buy the rewards, greatly speeding up the completion of the event.

The currency of the event is Love Token. You will earn these coins by doing daily quests, killing the boss of the event, and farming for Lovely Charms. The Love is in the Air event offers a variety of rewards, including two mounts, two pets, and many achievements. Lovely Merchants can be found in all major cities and sell rewards for Love Tokens. Lovely Merchants sell perfumes and colognes for 1.

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Using these items will give you a temporary buff that stacks with flasks and does not drop when you enter a dungeon or raid. In addition, the daily quests of your faction will reward you with Lovely Cards that will buff one of your statistics when you use them. These buffs stack with flasks and persist when you enter a dungeon or a raid.

Love is in the Air candies can only be obtained from Lovely Merchants :. Vanity or Collector items either drop from the boss of the event or are bought from Lovely Merchants. A of role play clothes are available from the Lovely Merchants. They can be used for transmogrification purposes during the event. Toxic Wasteling has a chance to drop once a day from the boss of the event. Swift Lovebird can be bought from Lovely Merchants for Big Love Rocket has an extremely low chance to drop once a day from the boss of the event, if you are Level 50 or more.

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The meta-achievement of the event is Fool for Love. It rewards the the Love Fool title, counts towards What a Long, Strange Trip It's Beenand requires you to complete most of the achievements related to the event:. The Love is in the Air event features a short quest line where you have Fool for love wow counter the plans of the Crown Chemical Company.

The event also gives you a of daily quests that you can use to earn Love Tokens. The quest line is straightforward and involves no complicated tasks, so we will only give the names of the quests and indicate where they Fool for love wow and where they end. Completing the quest line will grant you the Dangerous Love achievement and will unlock one of the daily quests.

For Alliance players, note that some characters related to the event may not be visible if you are on Call of Dutythe introductory quest for Vashj'ir. Every day, you will be able to do 6 daily quests: four that require you to bring Lovely Charm Bracelets to your faction leaders, one given by agents of the Crown Chemical Co.

In every capital city, Kwee Q. Peddlefeet will give you a daily quest that will require you to bring a Lovely Charm Bracelet to the leader of the city. After accepting such a quest for the first time, you will be given a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit. This item enables you to collect Lovely Charmswhich can be combined into Lovely Charm Bracelets see dedicated section below.

Each daily quest rewards 5 Love Tokens and a specific Lovely Card, which you can use to buff your statistics. Crown Chemical Co. Public Relations AgentsNPCs found in all major cities, will give you one daily quest chosen from the following list:.

These quests are easy and only require you to use the quest item you are given on 10 other players. After completing the quest line, Inspector Snip Snagglebolt Alliance and Detective Snap Snagglebolt Horde will give you a simple daily quest that depends on your faction and your level. The boss encounter of the event located in Shadowfang Keep can be accessed by queuing for it in the Dungeon Finder or by speaking to Steamwheedle Shysterlocated in the Trade District of Stormwind City or near Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.

The boss encounter consists in defeating Apothecary HummelApothecary Baxterand Apothecary Fryewhom your party will all face simultaneously. The fight itself is fairly simple, especially for well geared level 60 players. The first time that you defeat the boss encounter, you will be granted the Tough Love achievement and you will be able to loot a Faded Lovely Greeting Card from Hummel. The first time that you defeat the boss encounter in a given day, you will be given a Heart-Shaped Boxwhich has a chance to contain:.

Every time you defeat the boss encounter, Apothecary Hummel will drop one of the following Neck items:. The enemies have damaging spells that fit in one of two : Perfume purple or Cologne green :. Inside the area where you will be fighting, there are two cauldrons: Perfume Neutralizer makes you immune to Perfume attacks while Cologne Neutralizer makes you immune to Cologne attacks. Clicking a cauldron will create an item in your bags after a short cast time.

Using this item is what gives you the immunity buff which lasts 5 minutes. With that in mind, the encounter is rather easy. Have one player take the Perfume Neutralizer and keep aggro on Hummel. Have another player take the Cologne Neutralizer and keep aggro on Baxter. The rest of the group can take either of the Neutralizers. By doing so, your group will only have to worry about moving out of the Perfume or Cologne void zones that Frye who cannot be tanked regularly puts down.

To craft a Lovely Charm Braceletyou need to collect 10 Lovely Charmswhich you will combine by right-clicking one of them. Lovely Charms drop from creatures that reward experience or honor, if you have a Lovely Charm Collector's Kitgiven to you when doing the first of your faction's daily quests.

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Note that it is no longer possible to farm these items by killing mobs while inside a vehicle, like in the Ulduar gauntlet event. Note that, if you can afford it, you can buy Lovely Charm Bracelets from other players. However, as is the case with items that have a limited duration, you cannot trade them through the auction house. To complete the Be Mine! These candies can be found in Bags of Heart Candieswhich you can buy for 2 from a Lovely Merchant in any major city.

You might need to buy several bags before you obtain all the cookies. Either by doing your faction's daily quests or by farming for Lovely Charmsyou will Fool for love wow make 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets and trigger the Charming achievement.

To obtain the Fistful of Love achievement, you need to buy 15 Handful of Rose Petals you only need 11, but you can only buy these items 5 by 5. This will cost you 6 tokens. Then, use the items on the various combinations of class and race that the achievement demands. Then, head to Ironforge, if you play Alliance, or Undercity, if you play Horde. Finally, follow these steps:.

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Each Love Fool costs 10so it is a good idea to go with a group of friends to do the achievement, each friend bringing one or two Love Fools. For completing Lonely? This box can be bought from a Lovely Merchant for You might also need to buy a Romantic Picnic Basketwhich costs 10 and can be refunded if you manage not to use it.

Then, you need to go to Dalaran with a friend, or find one there. Wait for your character and that of your friend to be buffed with Romantic Picnic before eating your piece of Buttermilk Delight. Note that your friend only needs to sit down with you for you to get the achievement, they do not need to also eat a Buttermilk Delight, unless they want to get the achievement.

Note that from having done the Lonely?

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The Perma-Peddle is obtained by buying a Truesilver Shafted Arrow costs 40 at a Lovely Merchant and using it to learn how to summon the Peddlefeet pet. To complete the Shafted! Then, use the arrows on 10 players that do not currently have a non-combat pet out. Then, fire them off as fast as you can by right-clicking them in your bags. There appears to be issues in crowded areas and with certain addons that prevent all the rockets from being counted towards the achievement. To avoid this, you can attempt to obtain the achievement in a deserted place, with your addons disabled.

Using this item on someone gives them a stack of Love Ray. Manufactured Love Prism has a second cooldown and the buff it gives, Love Ray lasts 5 minutes, so you need to find someone else to keep casting the buff on you and make it stack to Obviously, if you find more people, it will go faster. They Really Love Me! We hope that this guide will have answered every question you had about Love is in the Air.

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