Fosters home for imaginary friends cosplay

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Mac is tied to Bloo 's bed by Bloo because of his problems with sugar rushes, and Bloo says that he will pull the ultimate Halloween prank: a can of peanut brittle with a snake inside, which was done year after year although this prank seems childish, it has been proven that it can do a lot of damage. Meanwhile, the imaginary friends, led by house caretaker Frankiedressed as Blossom from The Powerpuff Girlsare ready to go trick or treatingexcept for Coco dressed as a chicken and Wiltwho will be handing out treats for the kids, including a breakaway arm as a trick to scare some of them; Eduardowho's scared of everything and Mr.

Herrimanwho is in charge of the house. After failing and trying with just about everyone, Mr. Bloo has to think quickly on what to do, and decides to bury the seven-foot tall rabbit in the back.

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Suddenly, he becomes a zombie after that. Meanwhile, Madame Foster returns through the back entry to get her witch wig, and she falls under Mr. Herriman's spell, scaring Bloo. Then, one by one, Wilt, Eduardo and Frankie - as well as the other imaginary friends - become the undead.

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Bloo, Eduardo, and Coco rush upstairs and Coco falls and the undead make her a zombie. Bloo and Eduardo are the only ones left but Madame Foster fools Eduardo turning him into a zombie. Bloo rushes to the bedroom where Mac is tied up. Mac and Bloo get scared and Bloo flies out the window and returns with two trick-or-treaters. Bloo then tells them about the zombies and they get scared.

Bloo piles candy into his hands and feeds it to Mac, bursting out of the room and through the door.

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Bloo feeds chocolate to Mac making him have a sugar rush. Mac attacks the zombies until he is blasting himself out the door, and then just as Bloo is about to become one of the living dead, Mr. Herriman says that it was all a trick to get their paybacks on Bloo's prank.

Bloo congratulates Mr. Herriman and says he thought he was in real trouble. Frankie then tells Bloo that he isbecause he unleashed a monster worse than a zombie: a nearly-naked just wearing underwear only Mac on a sugar rush. In the closing credits, we see the almost naked Mac waking up the morning after and seeing a hand, and Wilt recovers it, leading to Mac fainting.

Herriman Madame Foster More Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Staff List Staff Requirements.

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Foster's Episodes. " Ticket to Rod ".

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Next " Better Off Ed ". Episodes and DVD releases.

Fosters home for imaginary friends cosplay

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