Frog bites piercing

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Looking for a risky twist on tongue piercing? Topics like pain level, cost, healing time and procedure details will help you decide if this piercing is right for you. Aftercare product recommendations and a large photo gallery will assist in make your new venom piercing all your own.

A venom piercing consists of two punctures symmetrically positioned on either side of the tongue. As with any piercing, venom piercings have their risks and rewards. The first step to getting a unique piercing is finding a reputable piercer. When you arrive at the shop, your piercer will go over the procedure with you and have you Frog bites piercing out some paperwork. You may be asked to swish with mouthwash to make sure your mouth is clean before the procedure. After this, your piercer will mark piercing spots on your tongue with a surgical pen.

Make sure you like these spots before moving forward! Both needles will be switched out for your chosen jewelry as a last step. Before leaving, your piercer will review piercing aftercare with you. Make sure to ask any lingering questions before you leave the shop.

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This will ultimately depend on your pain threshold and the experience of your piercer. To reduce pain and discomfort, take anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or let an ice cube rest on your tongue. Regularly cleaning your piercing will help speed up the healing process. You may be able to reduce healing time by following proper aftercare. The guidelines below will help you get started:. Seek out non-alcoholic mouthwash for everyday cleaning. Be sure to swish with mouth wash after eating or drinking to reduce your risk of infection.

Repeat this procedure once in the morning and once at night for a consistently clean piercing. about proper aftercare technique.

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The most common jewelry for venom piercings are basic barbells. Your initial barbells will be longer to for swelling. Always insist on stainless steel or titanium jewelry to avoid allergic reactions. You can play around with jewelry options after healing is complete. Switch your long jewelry out for shorter barbells and see which ends you like best!

My name is Christina. I have 2 piercings for 17 years: Earlobe and Madonna. I used to have 3rd one before - nose Frog bites piercing. That is why Piercee was created. PiercedUp was created to showcase and celebrate body piercings and modifications across the globe. Providing information, as well as inspiration for both new and seasoned members of our community, is a top priority. The information provided on this website is not verified or intended to diagnose, treat or prevent medical issues that may arise from body modification.

All aspects of body modification style, pain threshold, healing time should be seriously considered before committing to a certain procedure.

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Please visit a professional piercer or tattooist in your area for any specific questions or concerns you may have. Insisting on best practices for the safety and health of any procedure are your responsibility and will ensure a safe healing process. Proper medical advice and attention should be sought from a doctor when necessary. Home Tongue piercing. What is a Venom Piercing? Should You get a Venom Piercing?

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These piercings are ideal for all genders and the procedure is relatively quick. Cons: You may need to come back for your second piercing. Swelling of both piercings can cause complications during healing. This piercing requires thoughtful placement to avoid bleeding and other complications.

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Make sure to find a piercer who has experience with venom piercings to avoid potential problems. Piercing Procedure The first step to getting a unique piercing is finding a reputable piercer. Christina Andrusenko My name is Christina. Next Post. The Top 5 Trending Piercings of January 1, Why Do People Get Piercings? August 13, How to Clean Your Piercings October 26, Recent News. Welcome Back! to your below.

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Frog bites piercing

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Venom Piercing – Ultimate Experience Guide