Frozen underwear prank

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When it comes to birthdays and gift-giving holidays, kids get all the attention. Most of these ideas can be arranged simply and cheaply, with some that are a bit more elaborate for parents who really want to commit. Obviously, make sure you have that camera out to capture the memories.

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Whip up a batch of Jell-O, toss in a straw, and let it set in clear drinking glasses until it resembles their favorite flavor of juice or fruit punch. Place a set of eyes on everything you see: the carton of milk, the veggies, all the condiments. Brush their teeth! So for a harmless even tasty prank, hand them a toothbrush topped with… something that looks like toothpaste.

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Unscrew the cap from their everyday shampoo, conditioner, or shower gel. Inside, affix a small piece of plastic wrap — then re-screw the cap. After your kiddos go down for the night before April 1, pour a bowl with their favorite cereal — including milk and spoon. Then place the bowl in the freezer. Extra gross-out points if you use plastic roaches.

Plastic bugs also work for a cheap thrill when placed in drawers, under pillows Add food coloring to an opaque drink carton — say, a carton of milk or orange juice. Pop Brussels sprouts on candy sticks and cover them with chocolate or candy wrappers. Womp womp! Have fun placing them around the house, like under your kids' stuffed animals' butts, or in a clean, disposable kitty litter box lined with graham cracker crumbs.

The recipe shown here is fully edible and delicious, made from chocolate chip cake batter, butter, and cream cheese. Serve dessert that looks like dinner! Cut a slab of chocolate ice cream from a large carton, wrap in plastic wrap and form into a steak shape with your hands. Freeze until firm, then press lines into the ice cream with a skewer and sprinkle the lines with chocolate wafer crumbs Frozen underwear prank resemble grill marks.

Serve with strawberry jam. Offer the kids a tantalizing-looking bowl of Easter candy… or is it? It creates a highly convincing illusion — and a very rude surprise at unwrapping time! To make the water run an unexpected color, unscrew the faucet cap. Inside, place tablets used for dying Easter eggs. Then replace the cap. Or, get a similar effect by swabbing the inside of the faucet with food coloring. Product Reviews.

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Frozen underwear prank

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