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Even JFK read it. Similarly, when he opened his first Playboy Club in Chicago inHefner emphasized respectability above raunchiness—a preference widely noted by writers reflecting on his legacy following his death at age 91 last week. The Playboy Club was a supper club, not a sex club; jackets and ties were required. One of the most iconic symbols of the Playboy Club was its waitstaff: a throng of women known, and dressed, as Bunnies.

Much like the clubs themselves, the magazine whose name they shared, and the man who created all of it, the outfits worn by the Playboy Bunnies were a blend of provocative and old-fashioned. The rabbit became a Bunny, and an icon was born and quickly patented —a first for a service uniform. The first prototype—a satin one-piece worn over a prefab Merry Widow corset and paired with rabbit ears and a fluffy tail—looked too much like a bathing suit.

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A few snips of the scissors raised the leg opening, elongating the legs, accentuating the crotch, and removing any resemblance to swimwear. A rosette name tag at the right hipbone and dyed-to-match satin pumps completed the outfit. In reality, it was pretty tame—a place for flirting at most.

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So were the Bunnies. Clubs multiplied like rabbits; eventually, there would be more than 30 Playboy-branded clubs worldwide, in addition to casinos and resorts. The suit made the Bunny, not the other way around. The fashionable silhouette of the s was boyish, not curvy. Shapeless shifts and ballet flats may have been all the rage on the runway, but inside the club, it was perpetually hourglass figures, bullet bras, and three-inch heels. Early visitors to the Playboy Club picked up on its heady dynamic of naughty and nice.

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Everything was spelled out in meticulous detail in a Bunny Manual and enforced by a Bunny Mother, who inspected each Bunny from head to toe before her shift. Makeup and weight were closely monitored. Nail polish, jewelry, and eyeglasses were strictly forbidden, though hairpieces were encouraged. Bunnies were responsible for buying their own tax-deductible satin pumps and having them dyed to match their suits and ears, which came in 12 different colors.

They may have been eye candy, but they were meant to be literally untouchable. Bouncers kept tipsy keyholders from groping or grabbing tails. Touching a Bunny was grounds for expulsion. And Bunnies were strictly prohibited from dating customers, entertainers, or any C-suite level Playboy employees.

The suit only came in two cup sizes : 34D and 36D. But those cups were equipped with pockets to facilitate stuffing.

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Though their cleavage was served up on a satin platter, Bunnies were cinched in and covered up from the chest down, wearing sheer black Danskin pantyhose over flesh-toned Danskin tights, according to Jones. Though Bunnies were not prohibited from posing for the magazine, few did; they were a different kind of animal.

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Bunnies were rarely seen in the wild, emerging from the clubs only for promotional events—at which they wore skirts and sweaters —and parties at the Playboy Mansion. The Bunny suit was meant to be appreciated in the exclusive environs of the members-only club.

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The fact that a few suits have made their way into museum collections is surprising; they were considered property of the club and handed in after every shift for cleaning. One Bunny wore her costume for her induction into the U. Air Force. Another walked down the aisle at her wedding in a white satin Bunny costume. Just when did the Bunny become a dinosaur? Popular Latest.

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The Atlantic Crossword. In Subscribe. A group of Playboy Bunnies line up for inspection by Hugh Hefner, the publisher of Playboy magazine, in the main room of the Playboy Mansion in Chicago. Hefner is inspecting the new improved fabric for the costumes.

Funny playboy bunny pictures

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Down the Rabbit Hole: The Surprising Tale of the Bunny Suit