Gamer girl vs reality

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Send feedback. The Gamer's Guide to Game. There's online dating. And then there's online dating for gamers. The Gamer's Guide to Game is a short-form podcast bringing single gamers dating advice, inspiration, and encouragement. We have all heard about that couple who met in-game and fell in love. But how do you make that fantasy, your reality?

Subscribe for regular content to help you get the gamer gf or bf you've always wanted. Available episodes. Jul 7, Swipe Dating Doesn't Work.

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Especially for Gamers. Swipe app dating has taken over as the primary method most singles turn to.

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We have been in the age-of-the-swipe for nearly ten years now. Is it better than before? This gamer girl definitively thinks not. Down with the swipe. It is time for a new era in dating. It is time for the single gamer to reclaim online dating. What is wrong with swipe dating? Apr 27, Flirting can be fun.

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But it can also be cringe. Let's talk about how to let someone know you are feeling the vibe, without killing the vibe. Flirting is an art form, and all art requires practice. Apr 18,

Gamer girl vs reality

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The Difference Between 'Female Gamers' and 'Gamer Girls'