Gardevoir x human

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Okay, so here we go with the 60th chapter and yes this is the end. Years ago, I started this story as it was one of the two originals I worked on. It was a favorite of mine and since then I wanted to see how far it would go. When it got taken down by fanfiction, I was given a second chance to reload everything, but edit it and take it where I wanted Gardevoir x human to go.

But, I couldn't get this story where it is without you guys. Your reviews, support, and love for the story kept it all going. So, I want to thank you all so much for the support. I appreciate it and glad you all loved how this went. So, I can't wait for the finale and hope you all like it. Now, will I come back to do this story again? It is a big yes, but I need to finish up my other big projects first, including finishing up my Digimon story.

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Once that is done then I will return. Where will the story take place though and how long will the time be? Also, how is the final battle between Ryan and Apollo going to.

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How are things going to go between our heroes and our bad guy? Will good triumph? Will everyone make it out alive? Or will something happen to change all of that? Check out the chapter to find out and also, again bringing this up I decided to end the point of views in this story.

Mostly because I struggled with the POVs for this story and how they cause me to get stuck on the chapters. I believe this might be the only story I have with a POV. So, if it looks weird I am not adding anymore POV then you know why. Now, for the disclaimer. Now let's begin with the finale and enjoy! Annabeth…please…wake up…" said a disorder voice yet familiar voice. Annabeth's eyes opened wide as she sat up while gasping loudly.

She turns to her side to see Amy on her knees next to her, while she has a concerned look on her face. Near her she sees Tamina, Sora, and Daniel nearby Gardevoir x human concerned. All while she sees Fantina, Clair, Lance, and Alder nearby unconscious. W-what is going on? Annabeth begins getting up as she sees where they are at. They appear to be in a strange dark world with floating platforms at many different angels. They also see large waterfalls that appear in every angle, including going sideways like they are a river. This whole world makes no sense and seems to defy the laws of physics.

Annabeth though seems to recognize this world as she looks around in in awe. Annabeth turns to the kids and sighed before Gardevoir x human out to this world. It is another universe that is opposite to our world. It is said in this world it is connected to ours and has a symbiotic relationship with our world. I don't know what that means, but it is said whenever there is imbalances in our world it takes in abnormal pollution to this world.

Annabeth nods in response before she continues. Of course, since we don't know how to get in this world all we could go by are just theories," she sighed softly before looking around. Annabeth shook her head in response. He must have been taken somewhere else.

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Maybe…" Annabeth looks down and sees Cyrus standing on a large rock. Annabeth looks around and picks up a piece of rock before throwing it into the air. She sees it drifting away as if the gravity here in this world is keeping it from falling. So, Annabeth leaps off as the kids all shout out her name. However, they see Annabeth gently floating down using the strange gravity of this world to make her way down to Cyrus. The kids all nod figuring they will be needed to keep the adults safe until they awaken. Annabeth meanwhile turns to Cyrus and took out her Cresselia as they approach the leader of Team Galactic.

Cyrus seems to have his back turn to Annabeth and appeared to be staring up into the sky. Annabeth was now inches from him when she hears him speak. You realized what you've been doing is wrong and you are ready to pay for your crimes? Cyrus turns to face Annabeth slowly as he stares at her. Annabeth tensed up and keeps her guard up figuring he was going to attack her. Cyrus though simply shook his head and looks out into this Gardevoir x human. Annabeth isn't sure what game he is planning but decides to go along with it. She looks out into the world and sighed softly before she gives her honest response.

This world feels empty, quiet, and cold.

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What I seek is a world, one that requires no spirit, it would be a perfect world," he opens his eyes and a small smile formed for a moment before he continued. Annabeth seems surprised to hear this. Just before Cyrus was willing to change the whole universe to his image by any means necessary. Now here he is content with this world. A world where there are no s of life and sees it as perfect?

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Has Cyrus truly lost it or…or perhaps maybe this is what he really wanted? If this is what he wants then…then she should let him have it? Annabeth then snaps out of it and focused on the important task at hand. Obviously to punish you for what you did, but why us?

Why do you think it brought the rest of us here? Cyrus closed his eyes and sighed as he shook his head. I believe he brought you here because of what is happening elsewhere. Suddenly they feel a large rumble shaking the ground and this world.

Annabeth held on to her Pokemon while looking up to see the kids getting worried on what is happening. Gardevoir x human the shaking stopped and Annabeth sighed in relief, but was worried on what it was. One of my agents was there to keep the champion busy and not allow her to get involved in our plans. But it seems whatever she did is causing an imbalance. I believe that is why Giratina brought you here. Annabeth became concerned when she heard it has to do with the Sinnoh League.

But it was to help it? Help it with what? Cresselia looks up at Giratina itself and gives it a small bow before the legendary Pokemon returned the small bow then turns to Annabeth. She soon stood in front of it and looks up into its eyes. Giratina looks back at Annabeth's eyes and for some reason she could tell what it was trying to tell her. What it is trying to warn her of what is going on. Annabeth couldn't understand how it is able to tell her, but…but all she knew it her friends, her home, and most importantly her son needed her.

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Soon she sees two bright lights appearing behind Giratina. She looks on to see Palkia and Dialga appear as their bodies begin to glow. She recognized it and then turns to Giratina knowing what they need to do. Dawn and Iris managed to get outside of the room they were in so they can head outside. They knew they needed to get Derek some help soon then help Ryan find Apollo.

They saw the people were all gone and the exit doors were open. This is good since it meant they all got out. However, they need to get to safety first in order to get Derek some help. Grace held on to Dawn, while Meloetta held on to Iris. They reassured Grace that her mommy and daddy are fine.

That they are safe and they will bring them back to her. As they ran towards the exit they hear a loud explosion coming from the arena floor. They look through the arena Gardevoir x human to see large debris falling towards the ground. It made both girls shake a little wondering what was going on. Was this caused by an actual explosion or something else. Mia smiles softly and hugs the smaller girl back.

Iris goes to her brother and shook his head. He's hurt badly, but we need to get him some help. Mia and Gallade walk over to Derek to check on him. He is indeed in bad shape, but they knew they can help him. Mia grabs her bag and pulls out something. It appears to be a bottle of water that she begins to open and has Gallade help lift Derek up. This should help him up," said Mia as she pours some of the water along Derek's back and then some down his mouth as Derek drinks it.

The girls look on wondering what is happening and were about to question this. Until they see Derek's eyes beginning to open and he lets out a small groan. What did I miss? Dawn's eyes filled a little with tears as she rushed over and gave Derek a big hug. Dawn didn't understand what just happened, but she got so emotional seeing Derek Gardevoir x human awake and appears okay. She held Derek close while her tears flowed down her eyes.

Derek didn't know what just happened, but he could tell Dawn was worried about him and hugged her back.

Gardevoir x human

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