Garnet lapis fusion

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Bornite is optimistic, mysterious and little wild. She can control water and electricity and create jellyfishes. Her weapon is water-gun that she uses like a cannon.

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Meet Jeremejevite, fusion of Lapis Lazuli and Pearl. I thought this personality would fit them both because pearl is naturally a water gem and she knows sword combat and Lapis literally can control water and ocean and it makes sense for them. Energetic, unstoppable and crazy artist, Ammolite will set the chaos because she can!

I guess u could understand that this is Lapidot fusion. Anyway, enjoy!

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Bismuth and Lapis form Cinnabar! My finally finished de for Lapis and Amethyst, Musgravite! Meet my new fusion of Lapis and Peridot-Chrysocolla! Not in the me that believes in you. Not in the you that believes in me.

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Believe in the you that believes in yourself! Citrine is a bit nerdy, sassy and really excitable fusion.

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She likes to play video games with Amethyst and hang out with Lapis. Her weapon is a boxer glove that she uses all the time. Loooooong time no see.

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Hello my Twitter followers! This time, I plan to stay to stay tuned for updates! Our 40 artist collab recreation of the Steven Universe Future opening titles! Thank you to the crewniverse, Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network for such an amazing show! Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. See this in the app Show more.

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Garnet lapis fusion

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PeridotArtCollection — Here’s my take on a Garnet and Lapis fusion,