Gay as a window

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Hey there! In Register. Gutbomber Posts: 1, Forum Member. Gay as a window This really is showing who watched Brass Eye or not! I love the fact that Chris Morris has invented a phrase which has entered into public domain! Did anyone think he could be a little TO excited to sleep in a bed full of girls?

They also attract enemy radar.

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Brass Eye - Sex, asantewah87 wrote: ». Brass eye 'Gay as a window' transcript Oh yes he was totally gay. As gay as a window. Brass Eye - Sex, That was the very surprise I was getting at. That would be like being illiterate.

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Brass Eye is still imitated by much lesser talents a decade on. None of them can write like Chris Morris though. All on Google video. I suppose The Day Today deserves an honourary mention. Gay as a window. LOL never heard that one before. Bananafish Posts: 13, Forum Member.

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Just perfect. Gutbomber wrote: ». An incredible amount of talent in one sketch show And nothing will top League of Gents for being the most important comedy to hit our screens in Britain. Apart froim Brass Eye.

Stereomouse wrote: ». At any good 'pound' shop.

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If you like to be the centre of attention and your neighbours peeping through to catch a glimpse. Lou17 Posts: 30, Forum Member. I say as camp as a christmas a christmas cracker. In or Register to comment.

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