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If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Anyways, both their lives will be featured in the episode, talking about how they are straight and doing gay porn for the money and how it affects their lives.

Here's the commercial Yes, that's Sean. I thought he admitted to being Bi. Vadim Black is trash, who calls gay men fags. R1 I would assume, even though this is a "documentary," both men will continue to just deny, deny, deny IS there any REAL, honest gay-for-pay where the guy is actually straight and uncomfortable with the whole thing? I would really get off on that. I once read an article by a gay porn star. I don't remember his name ,and I don't pay attention to porn stars, but the guy made many films.

He said if there was, I would say so and I have no issue with it. He said no straight man would ever have sex with another man. He said it is a huge myth that the industry wants gays to believe because it feeds into their fantasies that they can't have in real life which is to have sex with a straight male.

Ah, Gay4Pay. That one never gets old. I can't recall any mainstream media coverage of gay condom porn being replaced by bareback porn as mainstream. How Gay for pay mtv show a straight guy get so good at sucking cock, I wonder? And do it with no flinching, Gay for pay mtv show grimaces, no problems at all He may "identify" as "straight" in his private life, but he's at least somewhat bisexual. He has sex with more men than women. By definition, that's not "straight". He's the tool that hires all the 'straight' guys, he has a straight boy fetish.

He's also a staunch Republican. What about the analogy of a woman hooker being attracted to all of her clients? She's probably not attracted to a majority of them. Just because she's able to have sex with them, doesn't mean that she finds them sexually attractive or is turned on by them.

A "woman hooker" doesn't have to achieve and maintain an erection, R As my grandmother told my mother before she got married, "You can always catch but you can't always pitch. I hope. I remember one of those Czech gay porn stars for William Higgins giving probably the best explanation of what "gay for pay" is I need the money. I do it because it's a job. This is no different. R15, there's such thing as viagra, you know. And when guys take it up the ass, they don't have to be hard.

Plus, I'd imagine it wouldn't be hard for a straight guy to get hard if you let a guy go down on you. With all due respect to granny, there are cases where men have been sexually assaulted and reported getting hard. I am a gay man and there isn't enough money that could get my dick hard for any woman. I know different strokes for different folks but if they are truly straight I don't know how they do it.

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R20, you're an anomaly. I'd say most gay men are capable of having vaginal sex with women. Look at all the married closet cases. Look at all the men who came out of the closet after fathering children. Thanks for clarifying, R17; I thought it was obvious I was referring to the tops in the scenario. And while I have indeed heard of Viagra, my understanding is that there still has to be some sort of arousal for it to have the desired effect. Not to mention that the debatable notion of "gay for pay" has been around a lot longer than Viagra.

You've heard about Viagra right? Well, even better than that, they have this injection that gives you a near instant hard-on that lasts and lasts. If you look close on some porn, you can even spot the injection site if you watch in HD I knew a guy who was literally turned on by money. What his partner looked like or their sex didn't matter much as long as they saw cash.

Well, it was Ales Hannik He's one of the few I can believe was gay-for-pay, because he really didn't seem to get into or enjoy what he was doing on screen. According to the trailer Vadim Black's girlfriend had no idea he does porn. And I'm Santa Claus. Sean is doing it to provide for his kids, so he must be otherwise unemployable.

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Sex with men is enjoyable but I don't see men for a serious thing. Sex with women is also enjoyable,too. I'm expected to marry a woman so I guess I have to pick one out for me, right? Did they feature an openly gay man who works in straight porn?

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An openly gay man who has a partner and everything? Also trimix and caverject. The long term effects of this stuff isn't pretty.

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Danny wylde a straight performer had to quit because his doctor told him he had used so much Viagra and injectibles that he was in danger of becoming permantely impotent. Permanent hearing loss is another side affect of viagra. And yet he enthusiastically and expertly sucks cock, makes out with guys with full tongue, rims ass, gets fucked, and swallows cum. If a guy gets an erection by looking at a naked woman then he is bi. Just because these men may later identify as gay does not mean they are homosexual, they are still bisexual.

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Now, if the guy has to imagine another man to get erect then yeah, I could say that guy is actually gay, but if he is actually turned on by the woman in front of him then he is bi, regardless of how he identifies later on. People say sexual orientation is not black and white exclusively; there is a diverse spectruum of grey in between. Most likely, these men are the expression of that grey are of sexual orientation. The black and white or heterosexual and homosexual are Gay for pay mtv show ends of a spectrum, all the grey along the spectrum is bisexuality.

I don't get the hostility. Vadim wants money - and he's getting paid for his job. What do we care if he's gay or straight or bi? He's sexual, and that's all I care about! There are guys on DL who are attracted to women but identify as gay because they are predominantly attracted to men. What's the difference? I agree that both would be bisexual but it's hypocritical to accept one form of misidentifying whilst denouncing the other, that's hypocritical.

Nobody is going to have as much gay sex as Vadim Black has, if he hates every minute of it or gets nothing out of it. The notion that he's trying to claim he doesn't like it and would never do it otherwise is just bullshit. People are so simplistic in their labeling of strangers.

For people who are capable of seeing the bigger picture, sexual identity is more than who you've fucked in your life. I've slept with women but know I could never fall in love or have a relationship with one. For that reason, I don't use the label bisexual and will never "own it. No doubt some of these gay for pay guys feel the same way. Why should they label themselves as anything other than straight? They'll never date a guy, never love a guy romantically. Not just "I've slept with women" but "I've slept with women and loved every minute of it" or "I've slept with men and actually enjoyed it".

And don't even run that bullshit about all sex is sex so it Gay for pay mtv show good crap. People can choose to identify as whatever to themselves and that's fine as long as they aren't hurting anyone but cold facts will always remain. I teach a bunch of senior male rednecks.

The discussion suddenly turned to would you have gay sex for a million dollars. All but one said they would. R50 I'm sorry you have such a limited view of sexuality. I've slept with women and loved every minute of it. I'm still gay at the end of the day, not bisexual.

Your "cold facts" aren't supported by science, only by your own need to apply your own labels to others. R53 my facts are literally back up by psychology and science, Anyone with a rational brain would understand. Please don't ruin my fantasy by clsiming these guts are homosexual. Hetero guys are superior. Sorry, R54, but you can't produce a single study to suggest sexuality is as cut and dried as you'd like it to be.

On the contrary, researchers are beginning to increasingly study people who don't follow expected patterns of sexual expression--e. Those studies work in favor and contribute to the fantasies of gay men who are repulsed by openly gay men and lust after after straight males, R The lie to their partners, they lie to "researchers" and most importantly, they lie to themselves. Straight-identified men are essentially bisexual in fact. Researcher Mackey R.

The bisexually behaving men were only 40 percent as likely to be infected with HIV as the homosexually behaving men. The researchers propose that this is because the bisexually behaving men reported lower rates of unprotected receptive anal intercourse, the biggest risk factor for HIV transmission among men in the US.

Other studies have shown that bisexual men have much, much lower s of male partners and sexual interludes with men than homosexual men, thereby greatly reducing their risk of HIV infection. Well, it's hilarious that you can claim "my facts are literally back sic up by psychology and science, Anyone with a rational brain would understand" then turn around an attack the nature of social science research.

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Here's a study that shows "down low" men contract HIV at the same rate as openly gay men. We should consider race too in these studies. Any of you trying to be reasonable are wasting your time, as you'll soon see. There's a very narrow-minded contingent of DLers who flatly deny the existence of anything outside their own limited experience.

And like all good conservatives, they're highly suspicious of anything scientific. When it comes to the area of sexuality, you'll find these posters to be among the most provincial and parochial you'll be likely to encounter. I know I don't think of women when I need sex and there aren't men around.

It's either men or my imagination with men. As mechanical as you would like to think of sexual intercourse, women don't do for me.

Gay for pay mtv show

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