Giantess mother story

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But evolution has a funny way of changing it's course. For there is coming a time when eating will be more than a Platable pleasure, but a pleasureable punishment. A few years back there was a family They were no different than any other family of the 90's. There was Betty Carter 48a single working mom of two children, Jimmy 16 and Sarah Carter was a spritefull woman for her age and fairly attractive.

She had shoulder-length dusty-blonde hair, was slim and fit, with a sharp mousy nose. She was a hard-worker and would often times come home hours late. Her eldest daughter Sarah was just as spritely as her mother and just as beauftifull as was her mother at her age. She inhereted the sharp features of her mother's nose, but age had not yet turned it into a mouse.

She youthfull and active, playing all sorts of sports while at the same time maintaining her studies at college. Under the advice of her mother, she still lived at home and so sibling feuds were not uncommon affairs between her and her younger brother, Jimmy. Now Jimmy on the other hand was quite a different story. Being the only male in an all-female houseold, Jimmy was the rebel. He would agitate his siter and mother Giantess mother story to get a rise out of them. He was actually not like his mother or sister in any way and in fact he thought that he was adopted.

Of course, his mother would not tell him either way if this was true or not. This relationship continued between Jimmy, his sister and mother until one day Jimmy went too far with his annoying behaviour and turned the whole household upside down in turmoil. The following few days there was silence in the house Giantess mother story on the 5th day since the argument Betty brought home one of her friends and introduced her to Jimmy and Sarah.

Jeannette was a tall brunette with dark eyes. She was in her 30's, fairly slim, and attractive. After the cordial greetings were done with Betty's tone turned a bit more serious as she asked that Jimmy and Sarah sit down in the next room to hear some good news.

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After everyone was settled in the living room Betty began to sepak. Now it's only temporary, until Jeanette can find a place of her own, but don't worry I think we will all get along just fine. Sarah took it well and was actually very excited about having someone move in with them, Jimmy on the other hand had to think twice, but of course the decision wasn't his so the plan went as scheduled. Two months passed without any serious feuding, however, one day a fight did occur between Jimmy and Sarah.

In the end Jimmy was the victor as his sister ran away crying! Not wanting to pursue the matter further Jimmy remained in his room where he looked at his pornos and GTS magazines. He then got up and went to the computer and logged onto to Big Gulp where he found a Giantess mother story cool story entitled "Mama's Sucker". While he was reading Jimmy started to play with himself through his jeans.

Then suddenly the door creaked open and Jimmy jumped up, banging his hand against the bottom of the desk. I am just looking up some sites on Amreican history," Jimmy studdered as he frantically clicked to get the Big Gulp minimized exposing his cop-out that he kept behind in case anyone should unexpectadly walk in. I am sure Like a slithering snake, Jeanette curled herself around Jimmy as if to wrap her prey in a tight constricting hold.

Unerved by her tone Jimmy gulped and spoke out softly, "Wha. Jimmy sat there in his seat looking up at Jeanette as she licked her fingers sensuously spreading a thick gooey film of saliva over them. Jimmy jumped back in disgust as he caught a pungent whiff of Jeannie's spit.

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For Jimmy everything went blank, the room grew dark, silence engulfed him and nothing could be seen or heard. When his sense of feeling came to Jimmy Giantess mother story something heavy weighing upon him. As Jimmy pushed against it he felt as though there was a heavy tarp on top of him. Suddenly, the weight was lifted off of him and light flooded Jimmy's eyes. Looking around him Jimmy grew cold and turned white. For right there in front of him were two giant scuff marks at Giantess mother story tips of two giant brown shoes Jeannette's shoes. Jimmy then scanned upwards, up the vast expanse of legs and stared far off in the distance above him.

He saw Jeanette looking down on him smiling. I told you dinner would come sooner than you'd expect! Without saying another word Jeanette reached over to grab Jimmy. For fear of his life Jimmy ran, but he was so small that he could not run fast enough over the high carpet.

Before he could run an inch away from the spot where he stood Jeanette's fingers grasped him about the waist and lifted him into the air with such a rush that Jimmy's little head was spinning. Jeanette quickly brought Jimmy to her face and opened her mouth.

Jimmy was now starring down the huge red gullet of Jeanettes' mouth and was screaming for help. Jeanette, closing her mouth spoke as waft after waft of foul hot fetid air rushed over Jimmy. Then softly she said, "Your mom and I are really hungry The only question is Holding Jimmy's naked body in front of her she cooed, "hmmm I am not sure if I like hairy Italian, maybe I should taste you before I determine whether or not I want to share you with your mother and sister.

With that her giant mouth opened once more causing wafts of humid, hot, and foul-smelling air to engulf him. She then jutted forth her tongue and with a rough lick to his genitals ran a thick sliver of slime across his torso. She licked a second time and then again and again eventualy causing Jimmy to grow a woody. Then pulling him back she cooed, "It looks like some little boy wants to be eaten eh?

Besides, you like it don't you Looking down at his out-thrust member Jimmy grew embarrassed and frightened. You like it when I lick you How would you like your mother doing to you what I have just done? Jimmy became disgusted at the thought and crindged Certain that his mother wouldn't eat her own naked son, Jimmy grew bold and shouted out to Jeanette.

She would never do something like that to me!

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My mother would never eat me. Starring at him for a while Jeanette realized Jimmy's thoughts and softly spoke.

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Now you still need to learn your lesson and yes you may be swallowed, but there is nothing to fear And with that Jeanette broke Giantess mother story a sadistic laugh and stuffed poor little Jimmy's wet, smelly body into the palm of her hand and enclosed him in a prison of fingers as she clenched her fist gently around him. Walking into the living room she was met by Sarah who was watching T. I have some special candies imported from Switzerland I want you guys to try for desert what do you say? Jeannette left the ktichen and went into the bathroom were she opened her hand and dropped Jimmy onto the counter.

Jimmy disoriented fell down as he tried to stand up and then on his hands and knees looked up to Jeanette who was searching in her pocket for something Then looking down on Jimmy began to gently tie the string around his naked body as a spider wraps her prey in a web. Once inside, Jimmy could only see the red-lined prison in which he was trapped.

No where to go and no way to move, he was stuck Inside Jeanette's pocket, bound, naked, rank with saliva, and cold from the draft, Jimmy grew a bit nauseous.

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Images of the inside of Jeanntte's mouth, the darkness, the dampness, and most of all the smell, overwhelmed little Jimmy as he began to picture his own mother's mouth just as dark, damp and foul. A cold chill swept over his body and Jimmy grew deeply afraid. Suddenly the dim light inside of Jeanette's pocket brightened and looking up Jimmy saw her giant fingers decending toward him.

Struggling against his ropes Jimmy attempted to avoid being captured, but his efforts were futile, he was helplessly bound and soon felt the embrace of two humongous fingers grasping him about the waist in a vice-like grip.

Giantess mother story

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