Ginger lee interview

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In our last post on the mess involving Representative Anthony Weiner D-NY and the wayward Tweet of his junk to an unsuspecting year-old who was not his wife, the lovely and amazing Huma Abedin, we introduced you to the pretty porn star named Ginger Lee. But in that piece, we did all the talking. I can see what Weiner sees in her.

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Though I can also see what he sees in his wife. If you work in a church counseling office?

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What are you looking at Starcasm for anyway?!? This gives you your quickest hit of Ginger and her magnificent drawl. The porn director asks her to compare California and Tennessee — one of her most hated things about Cali is the high gas prices. These videos become instantly funny if you imagine the disembodied voice of the interviewer is that of Anthony Weiner. Oh, did I just make them very unsexy?

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The next video is a smoking fetish video, in which Ginger puffs on a Virginia Slim while answering a round of questions. Nudity is tastefully cropped, but be warned: This one is actually closer to an R rating for subject matter.

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Despite what you may think about her profession, she looks like a bright, engaging conversationalist. It also features two adult males that stopped progressing emotionally at the age of It is physically impossible. Related Posts. About The Author Chris Gaines. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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Ginger lee interview

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Ginger Lee interview