Ginny weasley panties

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Hermione blushed. She supposed Ron had not had much exposure to such feminine frippery, having grown up with mostly men in the family. Harry and Hermione looked at him in shock. The stuff in the waistband of your underwear? The stuff that makes them hold-up around your waist. My boxers are held up with buttons, all right? A few sniggers emanating from a bunch of first years were quickly stifled as he glared at them.

Harry frowned. She turned to Harry. Harry nodded.

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Hermione rolled her eyes. Ginny blinked several times in surprise. Hermione was obviously in no Ginny weasley panties condition to answer, tears were welling in her eyes, and her lower lip was quivering, so Harry answered. Ginny shrugged. What is it? Hermione sniffed and wiped her eyes with a handkerchief. Ginny looked closely. Ginny glanced quickly at Harry.

Ron grunted in assent, and came to sit back down. Ron twirled his quill in anger. The quill was suddenly air-born as Ron flicked it away savagely. Ahthought Harry. This, it seemed, was the heart of the matter: in truth, a matter of the heart. There was not a strand of rubber, nor a hint of Lycra to be seen. Support was provided merely by style and stitching.

Ginny giggled. Hermione glanced down at her chest region and sighed. Hermione snorted in an unladylike fashion. Ginny nearly choked. Nor the rest of Slytherin. Hermione choked back a giggle, and Harry turned his chortle into a well-timed cough. This was more than either of them really wanted to know about the Weasley family. Harry had never before wished that someone would Obliviate him. However, the conversation from the night before now plagued his mind, and he found himself noticing what the other boys were wearing.

Or not wearing. At least he had not yet been noticed noticing. Her quest for knowledge had tainted everything. Even Ginny had become intrigued. Harry still was a bit hazy how it had come about that he was to work on Millicent Bulstrode ; something about Hermione having seen Millicent eyeing him in Potions.

Frankly, Harry wondered if Millicent had merely been eyeing him as one might a pickled animal in a jar. Yes, now that he thought about it, it would have been a brilliant plan - aside from the potentially revolting possibility of seeing Draco Malfoy naked. Aside from the fact it meant Ginny might have to see Draco naked. And that was not good at all. MerlinHarry banged his head on the desk in front of him. Why, oh why, did Hermione have to come up with this?

Harry banged his head once more, more to brass Snape off than anything else, and tried to ignore the fact Snape had just taken twenty points from Gryffindor. Harry attempted a grin. Are you positive you really want us to Ginny weasley panties this? Hermione looked at him in shock. Harry and Ron could tell Hermione was willing to babble on about this subject for hours, possibly even days. They were beaten and they knew it. They shared a glance. We could do the Polyjuice again. That sounded nice and easy to Harry.

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Harry Ginny weasley panties very glad that these thoughts did not occur to them back in second year with Crabbe and Goyle. But soon, she decided she wanted to replace those memories with others, memories of fun and laughter. She and Hermione giggled and gossiped, as well as talked about more serious topics such as their schoolwork, whilst they brewed the potion. He wished he could help her, but that might alert the Potions professor to his presence.

Fate was on his side. Now it was a matter of locating the correct items: Boomslang skin and Bicorn horn. Feeling slightly nauseated at the sight of some of the things contained in jars on the ceiling-high shelves, Harry soon found what he was looking for. Opening the correct jars, he took some of the contents and placed them in the containers Hermione had provided.

Slipping out through the door, he felt a sense of elation. Finally, Ginny was allowed to leave, and Harry stood up, ready to quickly follow her out of the Dungeons. He kept the Cloak over himself until they turned a corner, in case Professor Snape followed for some reason. Harry decided to keep hiding for a moment longer. She put her arms out and started seeking him in the corridor around her. A sudden noise in a cupboard nearby startled her for a moment, before she stalked over and flung open the door. Harry was flabbergasted as well.

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He blinked. Had he really seen what he just thought he had? Unfortunately, he had; t hey now knew what both Millicent Bulstrode and Draco Malfoy wore under their robes. And it was not a pretty sight. Harry couldn't tell where Millicent stopped and the underwear started. Actually, he also couldn't tell where Millicent ended and Malfoy began, but he didn't really want to focus on that. But somehow the sight before him was horrifying in a whole Ginny weasley panties dimension. He shuddered, wanting to turn away, yet unable to tear his eyes from the sickening sight.

Millicent Bulstrode and Draco Malfoy. Closely together. Robes at their feet. There was not a single piece of elastic to be seen. He felt almost gleeful as he realized that he could now tell Hermione that Draco Malfoy wore green underpants with dancing, silvery snakes, interspersed with Slytherin crests. All in all, it was a shame Colin wasn't around with his camera. We know what the purebred Slytherins wear Harry felt a sinking sensation. The wheels were continuing to turn. If they were lucky, Hermione might forget to include House-elves within the parameters of her enquiry.

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Ginny weasley panties

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