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Thanks so much for taking the time to comment I like your answer!! For me I think I'm girl pretty too for the same reasons you do. I always thought how weird it was to have a difference between being girl pretty and guy pretty.

You're welcome! I'm glad it made sense, haha. I know what you're saying. Selena is VERY pretty and obviously very attractive to guys, but she's generically pretty in that there's nothing that really stands out about her. Just another pretty face.

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Demi has a face that catches your attention because she doesn't look like everyone else. What I don't understand is why more guys don't seem to find that appealing, haha. I've always found Bjork to be attractive in some ways, but something about her face reminds me of a girl who parties way too much and suffers from lack of sleep. I'm not sure if you know what I mean when I say I can see that in a girl's face a lot of the time.

And it's definitely a deal breaker for me because that's exactly what I think it is: The "branding" basically of a girl who does drugs, drinks way too much, partes all night, and deprives herself of sleep. I know what you mean. I used to have that kind of face, haha. I don't really see it in her though. I'm sorry I meant more guys think Selena is pretty and more girls think Demi is pretty. Be the first guy to share an opinion and earn 1 more Xper point! Badfish07 Xper 2.

Do you think there's such a thing as being guy pretty or girl pretty? If so please explain what you think makes someone either one. Share Facebook. Guy pretty and girl pretty? Add Opinion. I definitely think there's a difference between 'girl' pretty and 'guy' pretty, and I agree with your observations on those two. Guy-pretty is like, 'girl next door' types.

Girls who look like girls in magazines, with typical features and typical style. Not usually anything that strays too far from the 'norm' as far as clothing choices, hair, facial features, etc. They're more forgiving when it comes to unique features, or girls who just generally don't look like 'every other girl'. Her weird quirkiness isn't a mark in her favor in the eyes of most guys. Her beauty is nontraditional, and as a girl, I think she was -stunning- in her younger years.

As for myself, I'm most definitely girl-pretty. Girls tell me 'how pretty I look today' and fling compliments left and right, but most men don't spare me a second glance. I'm talking 'in real life'. The internet doesn't count, because no one here knows me in person. Show All Show Less.

I am "girl pretty", my face is different, but guys just pass me up. I think Selena and Demi are both pretty I also have an example of guy pretty and girl pretty sorry, I'm using Japanese celebrities Guy pretty: link Girl pretty: link. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Guys, how to know if a guy find a girl pretty? What do you think are Girl pretty vs guy pretty s a guy finds a girl pretty? If a girl gets mad when a guy calls another girl pretty is she jealous? What is the difference in meaning of a guy calling a girl hot or pretty? Sort Girls First Guys First.

So-Innocent Yoda. Yes there is a such thing, but I would say that Selena is also girl pretty. I think that any girl that has interesting features would also be girl pretty. A good way to tell the difference between girls who are girl pretty and girls who are guy pretty is to look in a women's magazine and compare them to women in a men's magazine.

I thought you meant their Girl pretty vs guy pretty structure. Related myTakes.

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