Girlfriend gets mad easily

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My gf gets angry very easily, she gets heated up over the very small things. She isn't working, she's taken 2 years off to finish studying. I've been paying for everything since day 1. In fact, last week I gave her a check to pay for her health insurance. Yesterday I told her there was a sale at a store, and asked if she wanted me to take her shopping. She lost it.

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She started yelling at me, how could I ask her to go shopping when she doesn't have a job, etc. I replied "because I wanted to see if we found something you liked, so I could buy it for you".

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She wouldn't listen to this, grabbed all her stuff and left. She hasn't called me or texted me nor have I. What should I do? I feel like she KNOWS she was out of line, and now I'm being manipulated and she won't communicate with me until I send the first message. Any advice would be appreicated. There is a major problem here guy and you have to pay attention to the details. Why would your girlfriend get mad at you about taking her shopping. Man that just doesn't sound right. Sounds like there is something else going on if you ask me. If your woman is willing to walk out the door that fast over something that dumb then you really really need to reexamine your relationship.

Your woman goes off on you because you let her go off on you. If you're passive aggressive and don't have a back bone then your woman will not respect you. She clearly is not respecting you. I would not text her because you did nothing wrong and you need to recognize your value and not let yourself get treated like that. If that means breaking up then so be it, but never walk on egg shells around her. If she comes back to you then you Girlfriend gets mad easily need to set some ground rules.

Good Luck. If I had no job bc I was a student and my bf offered to take me shopping I would think it was sweet but politely decline and thank him for the gesture and I'll let hm know if I need anything unless I really wanted to go shopping lol. Maybe she just feels really crappy being so dependent but her behavior is wrong. She is frustrated, it has nothing to do with you. I think because maybe not having a job or I don't know, but something is on her mind. The thing to do in that case is have an honest conversation with her, just let her know that you have been noticing that she has been getting angry over some things that you are concerned about, you could be missing something that she is trying to say to you, and because some persons in relationship have an expectation and expect you to read their minds, you could be caught in this situation, so its comes out in the least of things.

When I didnt have a job and my bf bought things for me I felt really bad and I would get angry. What I needed to do wad to be honed t about how I felt. My self esteem wsd really bad since I didnt have a job and my bf did. I started getting bitter and resentful. I felt so dependent on him I didnt like it cuade I also felt controlled by him.

That is the part that you should be concerned about, being controlled by someone, Girlfriend gets mad easily persons because they are giving you stuff think they can control your thoughts and feelings, that is something to be angry about. Leave her! If she can't control her anger and be appreciative, then she is gonna make you miserable.

Some people are like that unfortunately it could just be a lack of maturity or unwillingness to accept responsibility. One girl I dated did the same thing and said it was because she wanted me to chase her not the other way around. Either way you can never assume anything always engage in open dialogue and let her finish all of her thoughts before you respond.

Remember females and males are very different and you have to be understanding to those differences. Think long and hard about what really goes on in your relationship, if it feels like your raising or she makes your life miserable then you probably are better off alone or with anyone else.

If you feel Girlfriend gets mad easily your losing your way then you should let her know how you feel if she can't accept that then do yourself a favor. I remember when I used to take my old girlfriend out places such as shopping,she appreciated it because she loved me and if she didn't wanna go she'd politely decline but not in a mean way. I can't imagine a girl getting mad at someone like her boyfriend taking her shopping. If what you wrote is true she clearly doesn't deserve you because she should appreciate you for who you are not for what you do.

If I were you I would've left her a long time ago. She is communicating that she is feeling guilty going to shopping with you when in her heart she doesn't feel deserving of your love and care. Her conscience is reacting to your kindness, be observant and think. R elationship T alk. My gf gets angry very easily, she gets heated up over the very small things By Guest, 8 years ago on Dating. Johnny Nicks.

Baron A. Guest wrote: Any advice would be appreicated She is frustrated, it has nothing to do with you. Heart to heart in the park I like that, it rhymes. Those may interest you: I'm struggling with my husbands temper. He gets angry over seemingly small My boyfriend says mean things to me when he is angry.

I am tired of it, and My boyfriend broke up with me last week during a heated argument.

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We've bee Those may interest you: Hi my boyfriend likes to get angry with me over small things when I don't H Hi, my boyfriend of six years gets angry easily and Girlfriend gets mad easily really upsets me bec Break up after heated argument. Please help! My boyfriend gets angry over very small issues too and blames My boyfriend lies about small and big things nothing has ever come up in th Hi,My girlfriend gets mad easily over small things and ignores me. How can I avoid size queens? It is Bro Why my gf mad at me all the time over the small things. After a small fight Me and my ex GF have been together for 6 years, we also have 2 small childr LDR gf broke up with a small issue.

How do you move on so easily? Working things out with an Ex GF, but privately? I have cheated my gf and she knows small part of the truth, but i don't wan My girldriend gets incredibly angry over the tiniest things, Why is my ex GF so angry at me? We were together for 2 years. She decided s By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Termsacknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

Girlfriend gets mad easily

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