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Women in refuges have been sent home to their abusers or to prison since the Taliban takeover. Those in the few shelters still open fear what lies ahead. Z ari was seven years old when her parents died, forcing her to move in with her uncle. But when he died four years later, his two widows beat Zari and forced her to work long hours weaving carpets. During her teenage years, Zari tried to kill herself. After her suicide attempt, Zari, now 28, moved into a shelter for abused women. For the past eight years she has held on to the belief that things would get better.

She made friends and learned to sew clothes, eventually teaching others to do the same. But with the Taliban now in control of Afghanistanshe risks losing everything all over again.

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Shortly after the hardline group swept to power in mid-August, ending the American-led war, the small shelter sent several of its residents home. Zari and four other women who also have no family are the only ones remaining. Overnight, the unmarked building tucked away in the Afghan capital went from her sanctuary to a place of danger. You can go anywhere you want.

The shelter is one of nearly 30 such facilities in Afghanistan. Over the past six weeks, this crucial lifeline has all but disappeared. Most of the shelters have closed their doors at the request of the Talibanmeaning women have either been sent home, often back to their abusers, or moved to secret locations.

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Of the three shelter directors who spoke to the Guardian, none are taking in new women. The fate of the shelters symbolises the struggle for gender equality and the capacity to tackle violence against women in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Human Rights Watch has documented Taliban abuses against women since they took over, including seeking out high-profile women, compulsory dress codes and denying freedom of movement outside their homes.

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The women wore veils so they could not be identified, Seraj said. Even before the group seized power, Afghanistan regularly topped the list of countries with the poorest protections for women. Women are still being abused, still have abusive families and are still drug addicts.

The past 20 years have proved how invaluable protection services are for Afghan society, said Kevin Schumacher, deputy executive director at Women for Afghan Women, a New York-based nonprofit that manages the largest network of shelters in the country. Society does not function based on our ideological views. If the Taliban want to run a country, they need to have answers for these very real social needs. However, this is not the first time Afghan women have been at risk of losing their safe houses.

TheAmerican-backed government repeatedly tried to bring the shelters under its control, describing them as corrupt brothels full of drug-addled women.

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International donors who fund the refuges successfully prevented the takeover. The US state department, which had split funding of the shelters with the UN, estimates that about 2, women and girls — mostly in Kabul — have used the shelters each year. It is now unclear what funding, if any, the shelters can expect. Afghanistan is bracing for economic collapse and humanitarian disaster, compounded by the worst drought in decades. During the Nato-led war, foreign aid propped up the Afghan economy, and its fate will now depend on whether or not the Taliban can garner support from its former enemies.

A report by the International Rescue Committee found that only 0. When a Kabul-based shelter that once housed 80 women closed during the Taliban takeover, its cook lost her income as well as a way to provide for her extended family. Her mother, who was the cook at another shelter funded by the same western NGO, also lost her job. She fears for her own two daughters, who were meant to enter secondary school next year.

Women report Afghanistan Global development.

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Taliban members in front of a mural depicting a woman behind barbed wire in Kabul, Afghanistan. Women report Afghanistan is supported by. Amie Ferris-Rotman and Zahra Nader. Fri 1 Oct . Reuse this content.

Girls doing gross things

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