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We might think of some man as kind, generous, loving, and gentle. Of all people, girly boys should be kind, generous, loving, and gentle: kind talkers, generous in heart, loving toward all people, and gentle in body language; and all of that without even a sampling of egotistical pride. It would be nice to see this in anybody, but it is certainly the type of disposition that girly boys should want to have.

A man can be Girly men tumblr and also be sweet. So, how might a girly boy be sweet that is different than a sweet manly man? How does he decorate his sweetness with sugar and spice and everything nice? Being girly sweet, in my opinion, is how it is dressed up. Take a cupcake, for illustration. A vanilla or chocolate cupcake without icing is sweet, like a sweet man, even if somewhat dry and plain. Dress it up, however, with some pretty icing, maybe some sprinkles, and it changes the dynamics of the treat. Girly sweet is the completed cupcake for everything that it offers; dressed up and pretty—and we all know about dressing up pretty!

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Consider how my description of a sweet person might look like clothed in some sugar and spice: Kind words are spoken softly with higher pitched inflections. Hand gestures are soft, narrow, gentle, and inviting rather than bold, obtrusive, and wide—expressed from the elbows rather than the shoulders.

Generosity includes transparency and empathy, coupled with a more spirited animation of feminine expressions. And love shows pity, compassion, and tenderness; it is always listening with the eyes and not just the ear, touching lives with endearment.

He exudes the image of a sweet demure girl.

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He is almost bashful, but confident in his femininity. Perhaps with some years of training and more experience, I will be able to display it and describe it better. Very nicely expressed! Of course, at a time when so many women are dressing and behaving in a less than feminine manner, a sissy - if so inclined - should strive to apply similar skills in her relationship with the Man in her life.

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Posts Likes Ask me anything Archive. Be sweet, girly boys! Girly Sweet. Oh so pretty.

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Girly men tumblr

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