Gravity falls fanfiction mabel kidnapped

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Stanford should have known better. He thought he had lost Stanley forever, but somehow he regained his memories. If he had, the man in front of him would have his ature deep, gravelly voice, not this high-pitched, mocking voice. If he had, the man in front him would be protecting him from all the dangerous creatures they encountered, not forcing Ford to his knees at gunpoint. Because of his lack of foresight, he was about to be shot to death by his possessed brother.

Speaking of which, we should get on with that. I wish you could hear him right now. Not that he can hear you anyway. Ford shut his eyes and braced himself for the bullet about to be lodged in his brain. A gunshot rang out, but Ford felt nothing. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Stanley had turned the gun on himself. Save your strength. Call for help. Not again.

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Stanley seemed so sad and scared. How could Ford ignore his last request? Last request.

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His brother was dying, and they both knew it. Ford realized his intentions and grabbed his hand to press it against his cheek. He was never going to see them again. He was thankful that he could still hear it beating even knowing his own would stop soon. Despite hating the heartbroken expression Ford was wearing, Stan still wanted his face to be the last thing he sees. He knew it was time to let him be at peace. Just close your eyes. Go to sleep. He could no longer hear any breaths coming from Stanley.

He checked for a pulse despite already knowing there would be none.

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They were finally living their childhood dream. Now their dream had died with Stanley, and Ford was truly alone. I surrender. The plan seemed to working.

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Bill caught on to their ruse. No pulse. Oh yeah. A shooting star was about to fall. Bill snapped his fingers and Mabel too Gravity falls fanfiction mabel kidnapped limp. Ford watched helplessly as Dipper, his only surviving family member, struggled to escape the hand the held him and his now-dead sister. Bill carelessly dropped the. Ford stepped forward and took it praying that Bill will show an ounce of mercy and keep his promise to spare Dipper. We had a deal! Bill snapped his fingers and the last of his family fell dead.

Bill let out an evil laugh that echoed throughout the Fearamid. His family, his whole world, was gone. Ford awoke with a start. He took in his surroundings and realized he was in the shack sleeping on his couch. With the nightmare still resounding in his mind, he had to remind himself that his family was still alive. Together they had defeated Bill. Silly as it was though, he would feel better seeing the children with own eyes. He went up to the attic and peered inside. As he approached their bed, he noticed they were clinging to each other. Ford heard footsteps charging towards him from the attic door.

He spun around and pointed his gun at the threat ready to defend the children behind him with his life. Instead of seeing an intruder, he found himself face to face with his own brother. They looked over and saw the commotion had woken up the. But the exhaustion accumulated from the last few days kept him from coherence.

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Go back to sleep. She clung to him for security. Ford pulled the blanket up to their chins and tucked it tightly around them.

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Outside their door, both men leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor to recover from the adrenaline rush of confusing each other for a threat. Bill found out about our plan and…punished me. Considering Ford felt compelled to check on the children, Stan could guess what punishment dream Bill had given him.

They both remembered Bill threatening to turn their kids into corpses. They remembered him playing Russian roulette with their lives like it was some kind of game. We saved them. Stan put his arms around his brother and pulled him close. Bill spent the last few days trying to get from Ford the equation that will let him leave Gravity Falls. Those kids really care about you.

And you care about them.

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Oh no. He found his leverage. No, not the kids! Those brats are craftier than I thought. But I did manage to get a consolation prize. He turned the tip of his finger sharp, making a clicking sound like a switchblade. Just stop hurting him. You humans are so weak. Stan was woken up by a burning on his neck. As he re-entered the world of the living, he remembered that he had been captured and knocked out by Bill.

He was chained against a wall covered in gashes, bruises, and burns. Just like your brother. He took everything I threw at him. Ford turned his head away. Their deal was interrupted when the Shacktron burst through the wall.

I thought I took care of you. My eye! Do you have any idea how long it takes to regenerate that? The loss of his eye distracted Bill long enough to make him drop Stan. He hit the ground running towards Stanford. I got you. Now shut up and lean on me, Poindexter.

The Gobblewonker robot arm picked them up and placed them inside the Shack. He kept one arm around Ford while using the other hand to keep them steady while the Shacktron fled from the Fearamid. The last thing Ford needed was to be jostled too much.

The Shacktron touched back down to Gopher Road. Now that the ground was no longer shaking, Stan could tend to his brother, but Ford had a more pressing concern than his own wellbeing. They gave Ford a hug, but none of them had time to enjoy it because Ford hissed in pain. The kids lurched away from Ford like they had touched a hot stove.

Just a little banged up. He went to undress his brother, but Ford jolted. We shared a bedroom for eighteen years. And his recent experience with Bill did nothing to make him laxer. Gross as it may be, Ford rarely allowed himself a proper bath.

He was terrified to cast his weapons aside and leave himself defenseless. Ford took a deep breath and allowed Stanley to take off his clothing. Every layer removed felt like pieces of his armor were being chipped away. He hated the feeling of being naked and vulnerable. Ford was reminded of the scars that littered his body. Ford held on to Stan as he went from the toilet to the tub. Stan lowered him into the water. Stan grabbed a towel, folded it, and placed in on the edge of the tub.

Stan got a soapy sponge to wash his brother. Ford Gravity falls fanfiction mabel kidnapped hugging himself clearly not comfortable with being naked. Ford had changed so much since they were young, but now he looked like the frightened little boy that Stan needed to protect from bullies.

Gravity falls fanfiction mabel kidnapped

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