Guys wearing thigh highs

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Men wearing thigh high socks may be a taboo subject to some people but why not talk about it. I mean why is it so bad? First let me explain. Yes i am a guy who likes to wear thigh high socks. First of all for comfort and the look, and secondly for warmth. I like the way they look especially with shorts and I have wanted to be more open about it for a long time, yet i believe society has held that bad for a long time. Most people in public would automatically believe that a man wearing thigh high socks is gay, immature, or stupid.

The thing that gets me is that it seems like society believes that if everyone does not act the same, wear the same things, or believe in the same people then the other person is out of line. The question i have is why do people automatically label a man wearing thigh high socks gay. If I like it then why do i have to worry about wearing them out in public? Well the answer to that is because of our society.

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Society today believes that there is one right and one wrong and your are one or the other. However I, like many others, believe that even though I do not agree with you I can still accept you and love you like the Bible says I should. What makes me take a step back is the fact that someone can automatically be labeled gay. While it is offensive and I also used to do the exact same thing, over the last year I have been able to become more open minded to the way homosexuality is present in our society. Personally I do not see anything wrong with a guy wearing thigh high socks.

Tights and thigh high socks both can be worn with a casual look while still being low key and classy. The idea is not to make someone else mad Guys wearing thigh highs force them to speak out but for me to feel better about myself. The good things that come out of a guy like me wearing thigh high socks with shorts is that some other person may see it, and get the self confidence to do something similar that they have wanted to do for a long time. When I ask any group of people what they think about a male wearing thigh high socks?

The first answer is usually why would anyone care, do and wear what you want. The third answer is usually well that is weird.

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The first and last Guys wearing thigh highs do not bother me, however the middle answer does. But what will it take for me to get the confidence to wear thigh high socks in public? I hope that someone can see this and give me some advice, and hopefully give me that confidence.

I do know that society needs a serious change in the way they perceive and jump to conclusions rights away. Men and women alike have their favorite things. I myself wear thigh high socks ,in all colours including pink,striped ,patterned,and argyle. I love the way they look and feel. They are pretty much the only cross dressing piece of clothing I can wear comfortably out of the house. I like to cross dress. People should be more concerned with important issues like health care and education than if a man is gay or not. I just feel comfortable wearing pretty clothes and being left alone.

Like Like. I just received a hot pink pair of thigh highs with 3 white stripes ,nice and long. What would it look like could you show us? Any recommendations? Many of mine are American Apparel brand. You can still find them for a good price on Ebay or a few colors on their website.

Sock dreams is another good place. They have many different styles and colors and you can read the reviews to see which ones might be the best.

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I normally buy mine online,Amazon endless styles ,or sock dreams. Amazon also has countless styles also. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Well I am talking about something that has bothered me and other men for a long time. Why are we judged based on what we wear. So what that i like to wear thigh high socks? I wear tights under my jeans when it it cold out as well. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Sounds like a cute outfit,multiple socks I mean.

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Guys wearing thigh highs

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