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Tonight, this young lady is being tucked in by dad in a manner that was long overdue. A bedtime spanking has a long history when it comes to the discipline of naughty girls. It has been used by parents for decades and it is a very effective means to make sure someone goes to bed knowing exactly how their behavior that day was viewed.

In many households, while the mom might run the house and look after the children, it is often the dad who serves as the disciplinarian. In these days, as workdays have grown increasingly long, a spanking that has been ordered by mommight have to wait until dad gets home from work. He does not want to walk right in the door and have to apply an earned punishment, so things will often be delayed until he has had his dinner and some time to relax.

This le to Hairbrush spanking pictures situation of most spankings being handled at bedtime. Depending on when a young lady finds herself in trouble, this can lead to an agonizing day of waiting for what she knows is going to be a very bad spanking.

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Imagine the girl that found herself in trouble, first thing in the morning, for a chore forgotten the night before. Mom has reminded her of it for months on end and has finally had enough. It is announced at the breakfast table that morning, that Hairbrush spanking pictures, she will be getting the spanking of her life to help her to better remember to get her chores done. The all-day anticipation of an upcoming spanking can do Hairbrush spanking pictures lot to add to the effectiveness of the overall punishment.

She must spend her entire day considering exactly what will happen to her bottom that night. Will it be on her bare bottom? Will that dreaded implement, used only for very special circumstances be coming out? How long will she be spanked for this time? Instead of mom just handling it there, on the spot, she has an anxiety filled day as she considers every aspect of her upcoming spanking. Well before the first smack is applied to her bottom she is already regretting her behavior and making adjustments to make sure it never happens again. In many households, this is where behaviors for the day, or even week, are evaluated as the entire family is present.

Conversations regarding school, grades, homework, chores, getting home on time, driving, cell phone usage, and so much more are discussed at these times. This is often the time and the place that decisions regarding behavior and punishments are discussed.

It is quite common for this to lead to someone being sentenced to a spanking that night. When dinner is over, the dishes are rinsed and put in the dishwasher, evening chores and homework are taken care of, and then the naughty teen girl is sent to her room for the remainder of the evening to wait for someone to come up and discipline her bottom. Just as with the concept of having to wait all day, she is now alone in her room with only her thoughts. She might try and distract herself, play on her phone or computer, but all she can think about is that at some point someone will be up to blister her bottom.

She does not know which parent will be ing her, and she does not know if it will be with the belt or the paddle. All that she knows is that any minute, or maybe in an hour or two, her bedroom door will be opening and she will be bending over for a world of pain. Each time she hears footsteps coming down the hall her heartrate doubles, only for those steps to walk right on past her door.

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There are also situations in which the parents have decided that a spanking is in orderbut they want a little time to themselves to Hairbrush spanking pictures exactly what needs to take place. The naughty girl is sent to her room for a deated period of time while the parents have a little talk. While the young lady is simply being spanked for not completing her chores, she needs to let the father know how bad the situation has really become.

No, tonight, the typical dozen strokes with the belt will just not be enough to take care of the problem, and she needs to have her bottom bared for a couple of good minutes with the wooden spoon as that is the only way to really get the proper. She is called back downstairs in her PJs, her bottom is bared, and she is told to bend over the arm of the couch.

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Called back downstairs in her PJs for a proper spanking with a wooden spoon. In many households, the bedtime spanking is simply a matter of clothing. As girls become older teens, parents are often less likely to spank them on the bare bottom and allow them a degree of modesty.

But any parent that used to spank on Hairbrush spanking pictures bare bottom knows that a spanking over a stiff pair of denim pants and panties, is quite different than a bare bottom spanking. But PJs are a great equalizer and tend to be made from very light materials. As it becomes later in the evening, and it is time for her spanking, she is told to go to her room and get changed into her PJs.

She may be called back down to the living room, or mom or dad might make a trip up to her room. However it happens, that spanking is far more effective over a thin little nighty that it would have been over her jeans. PJs also offer very good access, so if they do make the decision to bare her bottomit is a quick and simple process, and does not require the use of zippers, snaps, or buttons.

She raises he PJs after a long and hard spanking from her dad with a wooden spoon. I think one of the main reasons that parents choose to utilize bedtimes spanking is that it allows some time for some reflection. A spanking, administered over the course of a busy day, might be something that the young lady can distract herself from.

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No, it does not hurt any less, but if she is busy with work or school, her mind might not be as focused on the reason that she was spanked. But if the very last thing that happens in her day is a spanking, it is a much different story.

Picture the two teenage sisters who decided it would be fun to skip school that day. At dinner, they realize they are caught, as the school called, and mom wants to make sure it never happens again. At the end of the evening they are sent up to their rooms, told to change and get ready for bed, so there is nothing left to do for the evening. They have taken off their makeup, washed their faces, brushed their Hairbrush spanking pictures, changed and are ready to go to bed.

But on this particular night, they do not get to just go to bed. Instead, they sit nervously on their beds, waiting for that dreaded knock on the door. Nothing else is going on in their he except, not only thinking about the spanking they are about to receive, but what they did to earn it. Waiting in her room, dressed in her PJs. Dad will be up with the hairbrush very soon. Dad has had a long day and is tired, but mom is really getting worked up about it as this is not the first time this problem has occurred since they reached driving age.

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She wants this behavior eliminated permanently. This time, she wants to handle things differently. He will not be going upstairs with the belt, and giving them the few strokes he typically does. No, she wants it to be handled the way she got it growing up. Tonight, he will be taking the wooden hairbrush upstairs and will blister their bottoms until they cannot sit down.

While he may feel a little differently than his wife about this, he trusts her judgment, and agrees to spank them Hairbrush spanking pictures the brush. This bedtime spanking is far different than their normal spankings.

Mom has threatened it for years, but it has never touched either one of their bottoms. Dad sits on the edge of the bed and pulls his oldest daughter across his lap, something that has not happened since they were little. Very quickly her nighty is raised and her panties lowered. Less than a second later that heavy wooden brush is put to good use. Dad spanks very hard and the tears begin immediately. He brings the brush down hard and with each and every swat a small bruise is left behind. His wife said that she did not want them to be able to sit afterwards and that is exactly what he is going to provide.

Just because she is the younger sister, he does not go any easier, as they both skipped school. He goes long and hard with the hairbrush assuring that sitting will be difficult. The younger sister, whose room is right next door, listens in shock as her sister gets it.

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She has no idea what is creating that sound, and she is quite nervous as the crying is very loud. This certainly is not just a few with the belt, like they are used to, and she struggles to hold back the tears knowing she is next. What is normally a 30 second event has now been going for close to two minutes. Suddenly the sounds of the spanking stop, but not the sounds coming from her sister.

She hears some muffled words from dad, and then the door opening and closing. Eight short steps later and she hears the knock Hairbrush spanking pictures her door just before the knob begins to turn. When both girls are properly punished for their very bad behavior, and their bottoms are bruised and sorethey are told to go right to sleep. There will be no screens or books to distract them from the punishment they just received.

Instead, their focus will be exactly where it should be, on their behavior, and on the pain they are feeling on their bottoms. They will lay in bed, with pulsating bottoms, and tears still in their eyes. They will be worked up from the spanking and they will not be falling asleep any time soon. They will be left alone with thoughts of how to prevent that from ever happening again, and will finally fall asleep with the sorest bottoms they have ever known.

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When they wake up the next morning, their thoughts will quickly return to the night before, and they will choose to go about their day in a far different manner than they did the day before. All pictures and animations from from the full length videos at the RealspankingsPass family of sites. It can be presented in many different ways, but in general, it is the severity of the punishment that shows us what is and is not real.

Hairbrush spanking pictures

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