Headache while masterbating

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This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info. However, Sherry A. Ross, M. The adrenaline rush occurs during the excitement phase, and then the letdown period, when the orgasm occurs, brings on the headache.

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It has an additional theory that when a person coughs, has an orgasm or strains in general, it increases pressure in the head, which could contribute to a headache. NHS Choices explains the headaches can happen during foreplay or just before orgasm, and can last for a few minutes of up to an hour. Isha suggests that if you have a sudden, very severe headache for the first time, to see your doctor - particularly if your headache is accompanied by difficult speaking, seeing or moving your arms or legs.

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Many people who struggle with their sex drive look for help from their GP or scour internet forums for advice. But female orgasm expert, Dr Nicole Prause, has revealed one simple way to make yourself want to jump into bed with your partner - go for a run. That may help get things started. The best cure is to take a painkiller a few hours beforehand to block the headache. Sex experts say it IS possible.

Headache while masterbating

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Sex news - ever suffered a headache during orgasm? THIS could be why