Hiccup and astrid pregnant

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Happy birthday martabm90 I hope you enjoy! Zephyr stuck her lip out, as if thinking, and Astrid tried hard not to laugh. She was almost exactly like Hiccup. If not her for her appearance, Astrid would think Hiccup gave birth to Zephyr himself. Zephyr nodded and started walking towards the door leading to outside. The little girl seemed to agree and after putting some food into a basket, Astrid and Zephyr took off, exploring the village. Just like Daddy and I did when we were younger. We still have a little more time before we have to be home. The little girl nodded and Astrid set her down before Zephyr took off running.

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When they arrived home, Astrid was carrying a very tired Zephyr. Astrid smiled. By the Hiccup got home from his last meeting, Zephyr was curled up on the wooden couch, sleeping.

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Astrid was relaxing in a chair, eyelids heavy, willing herself to stay awake until her husband walked through the door. The Chief made his way over to his wife and pressed a kiss to her head. Astrid nodded and held her hand out, aling for Hiccup to help her up.

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Hiccup gave a dry laugh and wrapped his arms around Astrid from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. I muss stay wake. We went to the cliff. And, Hiccup?

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