Hinata vs sakura for naruto

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This was a great post. I agree that Hinata should be the lead female and end up with Naruto. At the end Sakura is said to be stronger than Tsunade, but acording to this post-stating that Hinata is stronger than Tsunade While Sakura cared so much and trained so much just to bring Sasuke back. The only thing she did was awaken the bijuu in Naruto, that could have gone really bad Umm nothing useful You gotta be kidding me?

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What the heck? They are supposed to be above the uchihas as byakugan is stronger than sharingan but sasukes stronger But she is very strong as well She can now defeat sakura And naru hina is cannon and they freaking have kids so stop shipping narusaku It aint gonna happen! Its like shipping lucy and gray and natsu and lissana, not gonna happen Nalu and Gruvia and naruHina and SasuSaku, done!

And dont forget Himawari she is a hyuga and knocked naruto and kurama out, and scared boruto she shows the hyuga traits! Just cause hinata is a hyuga it doesn't mean shat it is just like saying since boruto is hinatas son he should have the byakugan but he doesn't and he was never saying that naruto and sakura is gonna happen. Sakura was a hyuga heiress. She never played her part. If Hinata was ever on team Kakashi she would only care bout one person and never get anything done.

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I don't hate hinata or anything but she was barely seen through-out the show when she wasn't with or seen stalking Naruto. She tried to protect Naruto once and failed terribly. Even when Sakura failed to protect Naruto and Sasuke she held the enemy back long enough.

Lets be real if Naruto was the one who wen't rouge don't you think Hinata would be acting exactly like Sakura? I agree that hinata is gonna win because why would sakura be with naruto when she keeps punching him. Sakura and Hinata are friends. I like Sakura and Hinata equally and the both care for each other. So I think that they would lose to each other Sakura would punch Hinata and Hinata would block Sakuras pressure points.

At this point I don't care who became strongest, kishimoto missed out on a lot of female characters development. I personally think that personality defines a persons beauty so in my eyes Hinata is definitely better than Sakura as Hinata worked hard to become strong being inspired by Naruto strong will and at the end although still not being the strongest female character in the series is still a strong woman and while Sakura did indeed become the strongest female of the leaf, her improvement in personality is lacking.

Sakura still kept chasing after someone who made it clear he doesn't want anything to do with her while Naruto almost died many times saving Sakura's life and loves her very much. In return Sakura played with his feelings and did pratically nothing until the war. Hinata has put her life on the line many times for Naruto although she did fail but trying is better than doing nothing.

It isn't true that Hinata only cares about Naruto as she was kind to everyone and trusted her comrades. I think Hinata is a more relatable character than Sakura as she went from a girl who lacked confidence and gave up to a strong and willed woman. In conclusion, I believe that Hinata is a better heroine than Sakura even if she isn't as strong. Whoever created this post is kinda stupid cuz they just got the entire fandom arguing lol. Yes Sakura is stronger but you can't say that Hinata isn't strong either. I personally think that personality is what defines a persons beauty so in my eyes Hinata is a very beautiful person.

As for Sakura, don't get me started. I do acknowledge that Sakura became one of the Hinata vs sakura for naruto female characters in the series but her improvement in personality is lacking. Hinata, although she wasn't able to become as strong as Sakura, she is still very strong.

Hinata had a vast improvement as a character as she went from a girl who lacked confidence and would give up to a strong and willed woman.

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Hinata was born with a kekkei genkai but she wasn't talented. She became a strong kunoichi through sheer effort. She wasn't trained by a legendary sannin but by her cousin who tried to kill her yet she still forgave him. Don't say that Hinata was born with great abilities served directly to her from a silver platter because she wasn't. She worked hard to get where she is like everyone else did. She loved Naruto because of his inability to give up and strove on to become like him. Sakura liked Sasuke because she thought he was cool and kept on chasing after him even after he tried to kill her twice.

Naruto who for some reason had a crush on Sakura saved her multiple times almost dying in the process and in return she played with his feelings. Even if Hinata lost against Pain she did try her best and was brave enough to even stand against him knowing that she would probably die. Yes Sakura is indeed a very strong shinobi but why does everyone compare her to Hinata?

Just stop the bs they are both great kunoichis whomever is better as a character is completely in ones own opinion. This posts reminds me of why Sakura gets so much hate, the reason being she gets in the way of shipping. I feel like that is completely ridiculous! When talking about liking characters, you should consider the character. Then you can contemplate shipping! My next few reasons are probably going to be jumbled but whatever.

First of all, saying Sakura is a bitch to Naruto is false. For the first few episodes she was, but after a while she punches him whenever he is being perverted or trying to fight someone that she knew Hinata vs sakura for naruto kill him.

She has a reason for hurting him and usually ends up preventing him from doing something stupid. And I think it's really narrow-minded and kind of sexist that one of the reasons you like Hinata more than Sakura is because of her looks. If you bothered to look in the manga, you would realize that Sakura has boobs and curves and is actually quite pretty. And so what if she doesn't grow her hair out. The reason she cut it was to get away from an enemy, and its shortness symbolizes her resolve to become a better ninja. So yeah, saying Sakura should grow her hair out for the sake of being prettier shows that you obviously didn't pay attention to the anime or manga.

The whole reason I 'm even bothering to argue this post is because of this, " Sakura is plain, nothing exceptional, no growth, barely any Hinata vs sakura for naruto. Hinata should be credited as the main female lead in the series. She has actual character depth, she's the most appealing in both personality and looks, her abilities are the best out of any of the other females from the leaf," Umm Sakura had a shit ton of growth!

Did you miss the whole series?! She has tons of skills, but a lot of people overlook them because of the fact that she is a medic-nin and isn't constantly trying to kill people!

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And saying that Hinata has the best personality, looks, and skills compared to the other kunoichi in the leaf is definitely an opinion and not entirely true. When talking about skill compared to the other kunoichi, try to keep in mind that she was literally born with magic eyes that give her vision. Almost all the other kunoichi had to deal with being regular and trying to improve their skills. And Hinata is even shown to not be very good with Byakugan, when we are shown in episodes that Hanabi and Neji were far above her in skill level.

Hinata vs sakura for naruto back to character depth. Once again Do you mean character depth as in the ability to only fight seriously when Naruto is concerned? If you do, then she has an overwhelming amount of character depth! I count character depth as developing as a character, having to fight to improve themself. Obviously Sakura has character depth, thank you very much. And although I ship NaruHina, I don't count that as a legitimate excuse to hate on Sakura or consider her not worthy enough to be the female lead, or to indirectly oppose NaruSaku shippers.

I don't see why you don't get WAY more hate, because I have seen people mention not liking Sakura and instantly argued with. I know this is just you ranting and everyone has their opinions, but I'm entitled to the right to express my opinion. And my opinion is that this post is stupid and not true and entirely biased. I just don't see much out of Sakura I actually liked her at first, she was very commendable after the whole chunin exams but, just didn't see anything major out of her after which was disappointing.

I'm still waiting for her to actual Impress me, which didn't happen until the Ninja War which was short lived. Even people who Kishimoto worked with have said she'd make a better herione than Sakura back in By all means thinking back downplaying Sakura was a little harsh but still as a female lead I can't see her as it, i'd have to force it, she's just not what id expect, which this whole article is more or less a 4 am rant co-written by a pal, but I mean agree to disagree about Sakura.

First of all Hinata has incredible character depth. When we first start to really see her for herself we realize a lot of things. Hinata was born with good eyes but had to work hard to train them and was constantly pressure to be the best because she was part of the main branch. So her eyes were not just a blessing. We see that she is shy but the within episodes of this realization Hinata battles it out to the near death with Neji in an attempt to improve herself. She then starts immediately to become a strong kunoichi. I am not saying that you have to be beautiful to be a hero but I would guess that being saved by someone like Hinayana would be a lot more pleasing than being saved by Sakura.

Third of all back to character depth. Sakura throughout the entire series and you have heard this before stupidly loves sasuke. If your idea of character depth is almost being killed by someone and still being in love with them than you my friend are an idiot. An also adding that in my opinion this post is stupid and blah blah blah that is Hinata vs sakura for naruto hate for no reason when you could have simply said I disagree.

Sakura's character development is amazing, people just dont want to take the time to admit it. In the manga it showed Sakura being bullied at a very young age which overall destroyed her confidence. She didn't "think she was the best" it was quite the opposite. After being bullied so much for her forehead its obvious to why she cared so much about her looks.

She began her development early in the series when she talked to Sasuke about not having any parents note that she didn't make fun of him, she just made a point and after he confronted her about it, she began to reevaluate how she treated Naruto. In my opinion this is what caused her and Naruto to have the sibling-type bond that they have now.

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And saying that Sakura treated Naruto badly just shows that you haven't read the manga and you're only basing that off of fillers. She only hits him when he does something illogical like what and older sister would do to her brother not to mention that the heroine hitting the MC is literally used for comedic relief in Japan. At first, Sakura loved Sasuke because she thought he was "cool". Back to what I said about her being bullied, it damaged her self-confidence which made her think she wasn't "cool".

She admired him and wanted to be like him.

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That infatuation soon grew into love that never failed. The fact that she loved him even in his darkest times just shows how loyal she is. You say that she "stupidly" loved him even though that's what true love is; loving someone even when they're at their worst.

In the end, Sakura went from a self conscious civilian girl born with no special abilities to the strongest kunoichi in Konoha said by Kishimoto himself. In my opinion, Sakura had one of the best character developments in the whole show. She may not fit yours, but she is literally what the beauty standard is in Japan.

In addition to being canonically beautiful in Naruto, Sakura is actually very popular in Japan and is one of the most like female characters in Naruto. Kishimoto said he made her to be a normal girl that would be relatable to others, and he did a pretty good job despite the fact that he didn't have a lot of experience with female characters. Sakura is a great character with fantastic development. From a weak girl obsessed with her looks to a strong, useful, beautiful woman. We aren't talking about bodies. We are talking about strength. Sakura has had far better character development, is way stronger than Hinata and is a great kunoichi, while Hinata is average and that's only because she has the Byakugan, otherwise she'd be completely talentless.

Not even an opinion, more of a fact actually. That's like saying Hinata vs sakura for naruto was only able to rival Naruto because of his eyes. Nope she is not talentless She developped her own jutsu And u call her talentless And ur saying she is shy???

Hinata vs sakura for naruto

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Hinata vs Sakura (who would win)?