Homemade milk duds

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For the Caramel: Nestle a large sheet of parchment paper into an 8-inch cake pan to roughly cover the bottom and sides. In a 2-quart stainless steel saucier, combine water, sugar, and salt over medium heat. Stir with a fork until sugar is fully dissolved and syrup comes to a rolling boil, about 4 minutes.

Simmer, without stirring, until syrup is honey-gold, roughly 7 minutes. Immediately add cream and reduce heat to medium-low, adjusting the heat lower if needed to keep caramel from foaming too high.

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This is more likely on an electric stove due to residual heat. Immediately pour into prepared pan, cover tightly with foil, and cool to room temperature, about 2 hours.

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If you like, use your fingers to mold the pieces into a more oval, Milk Dud—like shape. For the Chocolate Coating: Line a baking sheet with parchment. Temper chocolate according to one of the methods described here. Fold all caramel pieces into tempered chocolate.

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Let stand at room temperature until fully set, about 15 minutes, then transfer to an airtight container. Found the internet! Homemade Milk Duds Recipe. Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best.

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BraveTart's Homemade Milk Duds: All That's Missing Is the Yellow Box