Hot beach volleyball photos

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We turn back the clock tothis was the first time volleyball began to be included on the regular as an Olympic sport. Before we delve into the inappropriateness, it should be noted that parity is a lot less apparent for the women, the usual top tier countries include Brazil, Cuba, China, Russia, and Japan. Out in the heat, the players from Germany decided to rock the skimpy attire while the players from Egypt kept true to their personal beliefs completely covered, even if it meant sweating a little bit more in the dry conditions.

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We could have easily worked in an article on the beautiful player alone. We could have watched this pre-game movement over and over again as the French player gets ready for battle.

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This shot is definitely one of the not so PG nature for an obvious reason Team Greece made quite the statement at the Olympic Games with these revealing uniforms. However, it also drew attention to the team for the not so PG Hot beach volleyball photos it gave off, both in the front and back — basically, the outfits are a joy from every angle. These women decided to keep their bottoms on the entire match — given the revealing nature of yoga pants — few had a problem with the decision. Ah yes, the candid in-game pictures — these types of photos can either make or break a player.

As evidenced by the photos, these players have legs that go on for days. This volleyball player shook the online world for all the right reasons. The photo went absolutely viral on platforms like The Chive. The amateur player had all the folks talking not only for her revealing outfit but the stance that also followed the ensemble. Another photo that features complete opposite attires.

The Italians know all about warm weather and steamy hot beaches. Those from Egypt are no strangers to heat either but again, their beliefs dictate the ensembles they decided to wear during the tournament. This candid snipe features a player from Connecticut in a not so PG attire — the bottom portion is more than revealing. Never skip squat day folks.

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This list would not be complete without making mention of the sensational Brazilian duo featuring Maria Clara and Carolina Salgado. We end with the year-old sensation. Oddly enough, she even has a Go-Fund-Me link on the — the link supports her studies Share Share Tweet. Related Topics Celebrity. Alex Passa Articles Published. Read Next in sports.

Hot beach volleyball photos

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