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Though the female version is still lying in my drafts, scheduled for post-Boston-major. These are community-driven after numerous polls cast on our fans, so I will repeat myself. Browse this on a lighter note!

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Shoxie always seems to be consistently attractive in every public appearance he makes. Imagine being approached by Mr. Shoxie himself at a nightclub in Paris. Sean lasts more than enough. His looks made pansy hit on him live! Image Credits — Red Bull. One of the most successful French players in the game. His tattooed sleeves, beard and hair makes the look almost complete.

His snapchat handle tells a lot about how much time he spends in front of the mirror to get ready up.

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People call him hehot machine. When he pairs up with shox and hit the club with his well-built body, nice hair, and tan, they become the deadliest duo you have ever seen.

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Other than considered to be one of the best in-game leaders during the era, pronax was also recognized as the brains behind the legendary fnatic lineup which went on long winning numerous tournaments. Monster ingame, but handsome in real life. This young guy surely has a good future ahead of him. Seems like a really nice guy and will become a threat against Devices modelling career for Astralis in the future. Daddy goals? Father of one, known as one of the hated professional players in the community is, of course, a true bad boy!

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Tattoos all over the body. No doubt he has the best dressing sense amongst all the pro players. Generic thought, girls prefer bad, and he truly deserves a place there! Nygaard is one of the best clutcher ingame. His long blonde hair and masculine face fits him really well.

A true norwegian alpha male viking. All glances goes towards him as soon as he Hot gamer guys the club in Oslo and orders a keg filled with mead. Forest looks handsome AF with his beard and without a beard, he looks likes a Calvin Klein model. I do, and boy did it make me wet. It was like having a loving father hugging his son. Even though FalleN is kind of young 25years he already has the charisma of a really confident and loving father. He is the owner of Brazilian eSports organization Games Academy. As of is currently described as one of the top AWPers, in-game leaders, and overall players in the world.

The twenty-seven-year-old Brazilian, who once stood by FalleN, moved to Immortals at a later stage, currently rendering his services to Thieves. Being a Counter-Strike legend for over a decade now, fnx announced his retiremen t from the CS 1. Fnx was surrounded by controversies when he was allegedly kicked by SK Gaming.

It is ironic. Trust it or not. The reason fans, shout-casters, and even competitive players call him X-GOD is simply ironic. Liked the article? By Pranav Nalawade.

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January 11, On a lighter note, just before the Boston Majors, I have cataloged some of the favorites! New York.

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Hot gamer guys

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