Hot girls at concerts

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Summertime is just around the corner which means concert season is officially here. Every concert is going to be unique, of course, depending on the vibe and atmosphere, the venue, and the singer or band, but no matter what, you're probably going to see a lot of people that fall into some typical. Some are awesome, others are more than a little annoying. Here are the 12 different types of girls that you'll definitely meet a concert this summer.

Are you one of them? Yeah, she may be sitting down, but that doesn't mean she's not having a good time. Maybe she's just shy and feels more comfortable sitting down, or maybe she absolutely loathes dancing. She could be tired or feeling too old to be there.

Or maybe she's Hot girls at concerts wearing super uncomfortable shoes and really regretting that choice. There is always one girl at the concert who's kissing someone the entire time and acting like the public show is actually her personal makeout playlist. This is entertaining Then it gets super annoying, and you also feel pretty jealous that you're not there with a guy. Sometimes this girl is with her boyfriend and sometimes she clearly just met the guy which is usually the more interesting version. You know the one.

She came with Hot girls at concerts best friends or a date and doesn't want to seem uncool or uninterested so she tries to sing along the best she can. Except she doesn't actually know the songs She's hoping that mouthing along and swaying is enough to help her blend in, but it isn't. It's painfully obvious. There is always one person dancing who is clearly feeling some kind of vibe, although it's not totally clear if she's actually at the same concert that you are. She might be rambunctiously shaking her hips to a slow song or doing some sort of interpretive dance to an upbeat pop song, but whatever she's doing, it's a bit of a head scratcher.

Even more puzzling than the girl who seems to be dancing to an entirely different show is the girl who doesn't look like she wants to be there at all. You might spot her sitting down scrolling her Instagram feed while everyone around her is dancing, or standing there with her arms crossed with a pissed off look on her face, or just doing any level of eye rolling and huffing and puffing for no apparent reason.

Plenty of people are intoxicated at a concert, but there's always one girl who can't handle being without a drink in her hand. She's usually the same girl who's downing drinks at super rapid speeds, so she spends half of each concert standing in extremely long drink lines and trying to convince the cashier to let her buy more than two drinks at once to save trips. A close cousin to this girl is the one who is waiting in line for snacks half the time. It's hard to say which is worse. There's always one girl who basically thinks that she is the singer, or thinks that the best way to show her support is to don an authentic-looking costume.

Nope, not a t-shirt bought at the merch table five minutes ago, which is pretty normal and excusable. We're talking a wig and anything else that makes this girl resemble the singer. It's usually pretty awkward and an obvious play for attention which makes everyone feel weird but ask to take photos with her anyway, which is what she really wants.

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At least the girl who's waiting in line for drinks can handle her alcohol pretty well. There's always the extremely drunk girl who can't She will either fall down, vomit, or need to be carried out by her super annoying friends. Sometimes she is all of these things. There's always a girl who takes it upon herself to scream whenever the band gets quiet to begin a song or change pace. Everyone else is sort of going with the flow but she has some sort of sensor in her body that turns way on when the noise level drops.

She's the one who sometimes makes the singer laugh and respond to whatever she's screaming, since it's the only time they can actually hear any one person in the crowd. You might have one of these girls in your group which means that you sometimes have to come up with some sort of deal or really, really good reason for her to stick around.

She's having a great time at the concert but she really, really hates sitting in traffic when she doesn't find it necessary so she will think it makes sense to leave before the show ends to beat everyone out of the parking lot.

Her reasonable ideas are often helpful, but not when you're being dragged out against your will. Everyone loves a good photo to remember an event by, but it should never be at the expense of enjoying the actual event But rest assured, there's always a girl at every concert who accepts the fact that she paid her entrance fee just to get the best Instagram Hot girls at concerts of the night and she won't stop until she's satisfied.

This might include asking multiple strangers to take photos for her, and will definitely include multiple locations for 3, selfies.

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There are fans and then there are mega fans. The mega fans are always standing right in front of the stage crying and trying to reach out and touch their idol on stage.

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This girl will always record the entire show on her iPhone, just in case her idol does actually come anywhere near her. She can be a little intense, but the mega fan is having the time of her life and not ashamed of it, so more power to her. By Kate Published May 26, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Girl Talk.

Hot girls at concerts

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