How do you steal someones girlfriend

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I really like a girl that How do you steal someones girlfriend work with in fact I would go as far as to say she is perfect, beautiful and I get on with her really well. Problem is she has a boyfriend as has done for quite a while. While away on holiday in Monte Carlo I heard she slept with another guy it was nothing really but a holiday fling but I am fed up of waiting around to see if she leaves her boyfriend. I am considering anonymously telling him Is it totally wrong or just a little? My biggest worry is if it worked and we got together eventually I would always have it hanging over me that it was me who told her ex.

Maybe I am doing them both a favour Not what you're looking for? Report 11 years ago 2. Original post by Anonymous I really like a girl that I work with in fact I would go as far as to say she is perfect, beautiful and I get on with her really well. Xenomorph v2. Report 11 years ago 3. Don't tell him, it's not your place to. However, the fact that she slept with another guy and cheated with her boyfriend suggests she's not committed to the relationship, or at least not as much to remain faithful to him.

If this is the case, then you should just go for it and ask her out she might find it easier to leave her boyfriend thank you think. Report 11 years ago 4. Report 11 years ago 5. Original post by nescafe She hasn't left him from what I can gather because she is doing ing exams and doesnt have anywhere to go if she was to spilt up with him as she cannot afford to live on her own and is not from around her. So short of suggesting she move straight in with me which would be moving too quickly she is a bit stuck.

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Report 11 years ago 6. Secondly I think you've convinced yourself you'd be doing them a favour when in reality it's not your place to start interfering, so no, I don't think it's right. Report 11 years ago 7. Worst case scenario for you is that the bf and gf work it out and have a stronger relationship together.

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Dhalsim Badges: 0. Report 11 years ago 8. Report 11 years ago 9. Steezy Badges: Report 11 years ago If you told him you'd be a grade A douche. Make a move though, by all means. Zerforax Badges: You're under the fatal assumption that she'd actually want you. She's known you for 2 years, on the basis of your facts, happy to cheat on her bf, but hasnt done with you.

Ergo, she doesnt want you, you're in the friend zone and wont even be a friend once she finds out you tattled on her to her bf and made her homeless. Nicoley Badges: 1. Totally don't tell him, she'll probbaly hate you for it! And she would find out, cos everyone always does don't they.

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Plus the fact that would just be a really stupid move. I think masybe at work, if you are that comfortable around her, ask her about theguy on holiday jokingly, see if you can get her to tell you iff she actualy did sleep with him, and if so whats the deal with her boyfriend, you can't push things though,just have to play the waiting game. Wesker Badges: 1. Is this girl as "perfect" as you make out? She cheated on her boyfriend and is only staying with him because she needs somewhere to live while she does her ancy exams? You will no doubt be in for a hell of a surprise when she finally falls of the pedestal you've put her on Elynnor Badges: Why would you want to be with a girl who is a proven cheat anyway?

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How do you steal someones girlfriend

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How to steal someone's girlfriend?