How to make fake braces headgear

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Post by sheenahellen » Wed Sep 21, pm. Post by jadewik » Thu Sep 22, pm. Post by Pumpkin56 » Thu Sep 22, pm. Post by sheenahellen » Tue Sep 27, pm. Post by MacPhantom » Mon Oct 03, pm. Post by MakeBelieve » Sat Sep 29, pm. Halloween Discussion Forums, Costumes, Horror! Advice on headgear Chat about your costumes. Post Reply. I'm taking ideas for DIY comfortable headgear. The type a kid wears with braces. I'll be in costume for about 12 hours so it will need to be comfortable but easily removable when I eat.

Any thoughts or tricks to making this? I can't imagine many people have made their own headgear but I just thought I'd ask I've met The Great Pumpkin. Re: Advice on headgear Quote Post by sheenahellen » Wed Sep 21, pm A headgear that's made of cardboard will do. Contact jadewik. Not exactly sure where to go with this When I googled orthodontic headgear, I got a few different kinds. The chin strap looks like one you would see on a hockey or football How to make fake braces headgear. The piece that goes to the mouth looks similar in shape to a harmonica holder. If you could figure out how to put all of that together, you might have something.

Is this thing actually going in your mouth? Or is it just giving the illusion that it is? If its going in your mouth, you could try using an athletic mouthguard and altering it to fit what you need. From there, using some kind of sturdy wire to go from the head piece to the mouthguard.

I still think the harmonica holder would work here as well. It's just a matter of putting it all together Now I'm not sure if we will be attending so this project is on hold. Though it's still fabulous and if I can find an alternate party to attend, I will wear it there.

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If you just google "braces headgear" you get some really scary ! I'm so thankful I didn't need headgear with my braces when I was younger.

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Harmonia holder is a great idea! Never thought of that! Here's my awesome Disney costume inspiration:. I love her. She's really the only "villain" in that movie. My costume comes complete with a plastic bag of water and a floating fish which be constantly shaken.

Of course If you do it, you have to post pictures! Contact MacPhantom. Re: Advice on headgear Quote Post by MacPhantom » Mon Oct 03, pm Mind and bring a rag to mop the drool from your chin which will be inevitable with any sort of costume that keeps your mouth open all evening. Re: Advice on headgear Quote Post by SpookyBlackKat » Sat Oct 15, pm Just in case anyone ever needs to make fake braces, here's how I pulled it off: Bought a cheap pair of fake teeth and scooped the dental wax from inside the mold.

Heated the wax until clear, then molded them around my top row of teeth. Wait a few seconds for the wax to cool then pulled downward to remove the wax mold. I used metal earring backs for the brackets. Glued them directly to the wax mold. I had to use super glue, nothing else I had on hand would How to make fake braces headgear. Clipped a piece of 22 gauge floral wire from one end of the mold to the other. As I crossed each bracket I pushed the wire into the earring back.

Custom molded braces which do not interfere with talking or eating and are comfortable to wear. The head gear is a headband with the same 22 gauge wire connected to each end. The wire was then shaped to come down in front of my ears then run in a half circle in front of my mouth.

The headband sits over my ears and on the back of my head. And without further ado, I present Darla from Finding Nemo:. It would be greatly appreciated!

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It's a long sleeve T from Old Navy and an iron on transfer I printed from google. Thank you very much!!

How to make fake braces headgear

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How to make Fake Braces that look Real