How to save asriel dreemurr

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Word Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Undertale: How to save Asriel within canon. Resubmitted as. Undertale was a great game, but the way the pacifist route ended in the game was kind of emotionally exhausting to me.

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I did some research on the canon just to see if Asriel could be saved within it. There's some cool stuff about the game you can find if you look closely enough. Through the essence of Chara, the game includes the player as a canon element. By quitting the game after the pacifist route like Flowey suggests, the canon's story continues outside of the game through the player. Since the player is a canon element, these player-made AUs are canonically no different from the AUs given in the game.

AUs are AUs. Therefore, they're canon. CelestialRainicorn Transformation Aficionado!

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So you're saying the game canon continues after we turn it off but only through our creative artistic representation? Acayl Commissioner link parent. And the characters live on through our relationships with them. I guess you could say the "spirit" of the game lives on inside the player, hehe.

Agito-Savra Digital Artist link parent. While you are free to have your own headcanon, the assertion that Asriel can be saved is false for a handful of reasons. The canon's story outside of the players existence is an existential hell. When you leave a true pacifist ending it is already made clear that Asriel becomes Flowey again. And without the player, Flowey is doomed to repeat his life indefinitely. When his life ends, the timeline is restarted at his last save, or at his reset. He explains that this is what drove him to the decision to become the monster he is. He explicitly states as both Flowey and Asriel that the player is the only thing that gives his life any meaning.

So in that outcome, we have the Undertale Timeline completely encapsulated by Flowey's life. Undertale is Floweys Story. The timeline is now completely encapsulated by the players game time. There are 12 possible outcomes of this.

A true pacifist ending, a corrupted pacifist ending, genocide ending, eight neutral endings, and one ending where Sans calls you a dirty hacker and to GTFO. In each of these endings, you either kill Flowey and then leave, reverting him to his last save or return the game control to him.

With a single exception, being when Chara is awakened by you and destroys the timeline. There is a potential alternative. But so far no players have solved that puzzle. Flowey has to be erased from the timeline. Our understanding of Gaster suggests that this is an imperfect solution. But even if it is doable, it may have unintended consequences, as Flowey has a convoluted connection to the souls of Asriel, Chara, and the Player, and there are a lot of unknowns related to the soul and to Gaster's fate.

Finally, while Determination is an important aspect in the game, it is not clear that it is directly tied with the SAVE feature. Asgore, is able to manipulate the Mercy feature, and displays limited reading of the SAVE file, he keeps track of how many times he's killed you but does not, to our knowledge, have Determination.

While Undyne does have some measurable Determination, but is oblivious to the timelines. So I would suggest that another explanation is required. It's one thing to have a personal headcanon, it's something altogether different to have a community agreed-upon interpretation of the game. AUs like Dreemurr Reborn are tremendously popular within the Undertale fandom. A sizable portion of the community agrees collectively that this is emotionally meaningful.

The only thing I'm trying to do is justify it logically, and get rid of the cognitive dissonance so that we can take the fanmade AUs at full force, something I suspect Undertale's canon has the heart to allow. And ultimately, what is a canon? A canon is a set of statements agreed upon collectively by the community to be true about the game. The game itself is just a sequence of bits ordered by game coding - there are no "characters" or "plot devices" literally in it at all. A canon requires flesh and blood interaction with the game, and it's among the player community interpreting the game that the game's canon, and its characters and plot devices, are formed.

The canon is born in the player community, and persists among the player community. Not the game itself. You say that Asriel reverts to Flowey and is doomed to this form eternally when the player leaves the game. But again, what forces us to accept as fact that a canon must be confined within its game? This is the underlying principle I'm challenging. If we assume that the canon is strictly confined within the game, then there's a problem with the Gaster solution. We can't accept it, for the simple reason that the game itself doesn't give it to us as an option.

At this point, with so many millions of people playing this game, watching playthroughs, hacking into game files, etc. No such solution was ever found in the game as a playable route - it most likely doesn't exist. Thus, taking the canon to be How to save asriel dreemurr confined within the game forces us to accept nihilism. For many of us, that's meaningless. That's nihilistic. So then How to save asriel dreemurr have to face the question of whether or not we have reason to care about the canon anymore, since there's no more meaning left in it.

There's alway the brute-force, Nietzschean option of just saying "well, you know what, fuck the canon, it's worthless and doesn't deserve to be followed. My problem with that is, it's kind of a pretentious asshole move, and in taking that route you start to isolate yourself from everybody else in the fandom, and you make yourself look like a dick. That's why I wanted to go back to the canon and find a way to interpret it and make it meaningful again. That's what drove me to the idea of challenging the notion that the canon is strictly confined within the game.

What if it isn't? What if it can extend beyond the game and into the player community? After all, the game itself gives the player the freedom to choose their own ending, why not extend this freedom to a freedom of interpretation as well? It would be perfectly rational. Yeah, I actually initially made the same assumption that monsters don't possess determination. But when I looked back at the game lore, I realized that it was never actually explicitly said that monsters lack determination entirely.

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What was said, however, was that "human souls are stronger than monster souls," and that monsters have a maximum How to save asriel dreemurr of determination they can take before they morph into amalgamates. Every soul has some amount, more or less, of determination, but human souls tend to have much more than monster souls.

And nothing prevents us from supposing that Asgore and Sans might have higher levels as well. Though there is also the alternate theory that Sans is just using a time machine, which is why he doesn't actually see it as different SAVEs.

It didn't work. Somehow, it's even greater than mine! There is enough compelling evidence to say that Determination is at least the ability to revert death and to handle SAVES, and that everything Flowey is capable of doing is a result of harnessing Determination. If you go back and read the sections about Alphys' experiments and about Flowey in my file, you'll see even more evidence of that. I cite the evidence literally so that we know for a fact what's said in the game. If we want to challenge the idea that Determination is linked to these console powers, we have all that evidence against us.

And then, if you accept that, then, since Determination is a core element of the game's canon, the canon then has to include game mechanics within itself. Those pathetic people that want to see it, but are too weak to do it themselves.

I bet someone like that's watching right now, aren't they?

How to save asriel dreemurr

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