How to sit on a face

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I 25f am pretty experienced sexually but this is just uncharted territory for me, which I think is what makes me so uncomfortable. I've been in mostly long term relationships until now and my partners would go down on me but never asked me to sit on their face. I am not against it and I'm sure it would be enjoyable I just don't know what is expected of me! I've started seeing someone casually very recently and we'll occasionally dirty text and he'll say he can't wait for me to sit on his face.

We both work a lot and I've been out of town recently so we haven't seen each other in almost 2 weeks but will be seeing each other this weekend, and I feel like a teenager bc I get so nervous when he says that bc I just don't know what to do in that position.

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I don't know how to make it sexy, I'm afraid of making it weird by doing it wrong, and I guess I just don't even know where to begin at all with this. I'm afraid to tell him that I've never done it before and I know that its silly and I'm likely just making a big deal of nothing but I have anxiety and I keep overthinking it.

Anyone been in the same situation?

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Any tips? I'm sure it's simple but I just can't stop being nervous about it. Definitely this. Sit on his face.

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Drop your lips to his or just above his. Don't make him stretch for it and for the love of all that is sexy, don't get too smashy. Love it! Just put the puspus over his face so he can easily access. Facing towards him is more ergonomic otherwise the anoose will be all over his nose. Thank you for the tips! I have 69'd before and that doesn't make me uncomfortable at all but I think that's bc I have something to focus on, lol! I'm sure once it happens I'll feel silly, it's just not frequent that someone suggests doing something I haven't already done by my age.

Thank you though! Guys can definitely just want a woman to sit on their face, for all those who say just do The angle when they look up at your tits, really works. Other advice spot on, go easy and don't grind unless he pulls you to; which he very well might. You won't suffocate him and if you already enjoy 69, you'll be fine. Thank you so much! This is very helpful advice and I appreciate it!

This will undoubtedly end in a He doesn't want you to actually 'sit' on his face, he wants your pussy in his face. Just straddle his head and start sucking his cock. You'll both be satisfied. Would really like to hear the update of this when you can. Found the internet!

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What's the best way to sit on someone's face? Posted by 3 years ago. This sounds dumb but hear me out please! Sort by: best. Or, just do Continue this thread. Talk to your partner and let him help you make it sexy. Most important thing, be confidant. Chocolate lipstick. More posts from the TooAfraidToAsk community. Created Aug 28, Community Heroes Powerups Top posts february 8th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top.

How to sit on a face

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What's the best way to sit on someone's face?