How to train a male submissive

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Click to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by so that you don't have to come back here every hour and check for updates. Address:. Stalk Me Button. CAL is committed to creating an environment in our state that supports consenting adults who engage in alternative relationship expressions and structures. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit individuals who choose alternative lifestyles and the communities that support them.

Recommended Reading Below are a couple books that I have found useful and interesting. For a full list of recommended reading, visit my Bookshelf .

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Clicking on the images will take you to the Amazon product. This book did so much more just add words to my existing knowledge and experience, as I had expected. This book taught me things. This book changed the way that I think about relationships. All relationships, not just poly. I have spent the last two days lost in thought, re-evaluating a lot of my own choices and beliefs. Replete with updated resources and references, Erotic Slavehood will take its place among the basic BDSM reference manuals.

Respected columnist and scene leader Rinella has carefully explored how BDSM relationships fit into real people's lives. From that research, and his own two decades as an active leatherman, he has assembled this sensible, readable manual about how kinky relationships really work. Would you be interested in attending a live workshop presented by the XCBDSM crew on this or other kink related topics? If so, tell us your zip code and we will send you a message if we are visiting your area.

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This article is based on our live workshop and is just one section from a larger handout that we are thinking of making into a book. For information on offered classes, check the education tab above. Update: This article is linked as a reference from SubmissiveGuide.

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Submissive Training, Conditioning, and Development. If this is a subject that interests you, these are some books that might be helpful additions:. Erotic Slavehood. The New Bottoming Book. Partners in Power. The Loving Dominant. The World According To Cross. The ideas, theories, and crazy schemes presented herein are the sole perspective and opinion of the presenter, who encourages attendees and readers to seek out other perspectives and ideas, especially those that disagree with him, before deciding on a path for themselves.

Play at your own risk profile. I have spent a lot of years on the academic side of brain study. This resource is part human psychology and personal study to help you understand some of the forces that are at work every day in your lives and the ways that you are training the people you spend time with, whether you know it or not, so that you can start to make those decisions in a conscious manner and start getting the you want.

This will not cover the top ten ways to punish a sub, or how to get around the masochism loophole. How to train a male submissive is about shaping behavior. Using these tools effectively, you can fully change the way that a person acts, and not just when they are with you, but 24 hours a day. To that end, this is one of those areas that you really must negotiate and have explicit consent from your partners. That having been said, we train the people around us every day in subtle ways. Most people do this somewhat sub-consciously, so the idea here is to bring that out of the fog and help you to start doing it on purpose.

Any time that you attend a class or read a book, you are hearing just one idea, just one version of reality. I know people who have been teaching for decades and still attend classes regularly. Learning is a lifetime journey and there is always a new idea or a new perspective to consider. So, this will be the last disclaimer. For many people, exploring their sexuality and delving into power exchange can be very therapeutic.

For very good reasons, mental health professionals are strictly forbidden from treating family members or any one else they have a close relationship with. If you partner has issues which rise to the level of being a mental disorder or which would generally require a professional, then that is who they should be seeing to deal with those things. Many local groups maintain similar databases. In the next section, I talk about lots of good reasons to engage in a training program.

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Mental health improvement is not among them. Please see a professional for that. The first big question to ask is why you are trying to train a submissive in the first place. What is the goal, what are you trying to get out of it. Until you can answer that question very clearly and thoroughly, you should not turn the or go any farther. You need to stop and spend time on this. The first is general skill development.

These are things that you will teach them or train them to do that are valuable beyond the reach of your particular relationship. Learning to give a kick-ass massage is not going to stop being useful when they are in service to someone else. But in the same way, you do not necessarily have to be the person to train them for these skills. Especially if you are not qualified to do so. If you want your sub to have a particular skill, like cooking or cleaning or massage or manicure, there are places you can send them where someone else will do the training for you.

They are called schools. And just about all of the techniques I am going to discuss are employed by effective teachers every day. The second purpose of training is to teach things that are specific to you as the dominant. This is often the refinement of the broad skills from the first section. You can send them to yoga class to improve their flexibility, stamina, and endurance, but knowing exactly how far apart you want their knees to be when they kneel requires individualized teaching from you.

These are the things that the submissive wants to learn or change and has asked for help with. It could be getting rid of a destructive bad habit or staying on track with a project that has been neglected. It could be enforcing a diet or helping them make space for a hobby that calms them. These things are often neglected but are quite possibly more important than the How to train a male submissive two sections. To make sure that they still feel like they are getting something out of the relationship.

This article is actually just one section from a larger document that we are thinking of making into a book. What fulfills them and drives their submission? Not only do these factors need to be taken into consideration before starting a relationship, and on an ongoing basis as the relationship continues, but it also has to be given proper attention when you are thinking about beginning training of some kind. A person who derives great pleasure from being in service and making others happy is not going to need to be punished very often, if at all.

However, if you are not careful, you can accidently punish them a hundred times a day without knowing it. Similarly, a person may get fulfillment, not from the task itself, but from the control that task represents.

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This person is going to need more attention. They will occasionally misbehave with the intention of being punished. Not necessarily because they like the punishment, but because they are testing the dynamic. It is your choice whether you let it get to that point or whether you are proactive.

Conditioning is a behavioral process whereby a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, with reinforcement typically being a stimulus or reward for a desired response. Conditioning is a form of learning in which either 1 a given stimulus or al becomes increasingly effective in evoking a response or 2 a response occurs with increasing regularity in a well-specified and stable environment.

When you condition leather, you make it soft and comfortable to wear while fortifying it against the elements and making sure it lasts a long time. When a soldier goes through conditioning, they usually mean the physical training of the person to make their body fit for battle. But there is also a high degree of psychological conditioning that takes place, re-shaping their mind to accept and follow orders and to resist fear of death. The same thing can be done with a submissive.

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