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By Jodi Smith Miscellaneous February 6, When I was maybe three or four years old. I can only guess that this unfiltered exposure to the full spectrum of inappropriate viewing matter is to thank and to blame for the person that I have become. I thought it might be therapeutic, and possibly grounds for a very, very late but strong Child Services case, to explore the movies that warped my tiny mind. AsI was intrigued in the promise of a duck that could talk landing on our planet.

It seemed like the coolest thing that had ever been made into a movie. I was 7 years old when it was released and who knows what age I was when it hit HBO. All I know is I was too young and without parental guidance to fully comprehend the boner Howard the duck boobs, boob and ass shots, and implied bestiality. But goddamn, did I love that stupid fucking movie and the lessons it imparted to my still-forming brain. The first memory of the movie is the duck boobies on full display when Howard crashes through a bathroom wall en route to our planet.

Luckily I am not a Furrie because of this particular scene, but I am fascinated by boobs to this day. Seriously, I am so happy to have dodged a Furrie fetish from repeated exposure to this movie.

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In fact, I bet we can trace all Furrie origins back to this movie and Care Bears. Those sexy, completely nude Care Bears.

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This movie also taught me that people you think just need some coffee or a cleansing dump are actually incubators for inter-dimensional alien monsters that want to murder you and destroy your planet. That last part was actually a good lesson.

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Howard the duck boobs

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