Huge balls stories

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Kinktoberday 1! Two friends meet up to fuck, one of them pent up for a week without cumming, the other ready to drain his balls, taking them from blue to black-and-blue. This is a fictional story about something i think is hot. Guys with big bull nuts. How hot is it to be sucking on some big ole nuts. Or getting it by the guy and his big balls smacking against you.

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Guys with big bull nuts When Aengus, the gentle Giant, encountered the farmboy Ren in the fields, he knew exactly how he wanted the story to end. Little did the lad know about the role he'd have to play or how much he would relish it.

My handler mistreated me so I found myself a pack and a new puppy boyfriend who showed me how a handler really treats his puppy by fucking my brains out and blowing me for the first time in my life. He took me off guard when he told me that he had been watching me since I moved in, and noticed I have had lots of guys over, and wanted to know if I was gay.

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Eddie visits Hassan's house. Sex games: Four men in uniform, five naked boys. His chiseled features tensed, muscles flexed, as he pulled at the ropes, rearing up like a maddened bull But he returns for more and Randy initiates him into the world of man-on-man sex.

Bob teaches Randy how it feels to submit like a slave. The bodybuilder sweats through a muscle-crunching workout and the sight drives Randy wild. He begs for release, sucking frantically at the bulging jockstrap. Look at yourself, man As a reward, boss Randy 'loans' his lover Bob to Zack. Sexy blond surfer Jamie services the shaft of the rugged cop Mark, while the hot mechanic Pablo does the same for his lover Darius's monster The sadistic nightmare the two men had endured not only tortured their beautiful bodies. It shattered their minds.

As they leave the city in the oppressive summer heat, they feel the gathering storm. In the high, remote forest there is one ultimate act that can save them. It will define or However, he discovers much more than just an ancient tomb, including sinister plots and handsome men.

Inspirations, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are all welcome at: [ protected]. Vince casually allowed his towel to accidentally fall open so that I could see his cock. I'm not really attracted Huge balls stories men and even though I've seen hundreds of naked men in the gym, I was captivated by its looks and couldn't tear my eyes away.

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Huge balls stories

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Gay Men with Big Balls Stories